Saturday, December 21, 2013


Saturday December 21, 2013 – Here is what has been happening since December 5.

Marsha flew back to Canton, Ohio, for the holidays on December 5. She's been doing her holiday shopping and baking, visiting with family and friends, and enjoying the COLD and SNOW!!! She says sorry about not reading many blogs. She has no Internet in Ohio and only 2G on her phone. She went a bit nuts not having the Internet.

Yep, Ohio, as most of the Nation, has been getting hit with unseasonable cold and some pretty good snow falls. Paul hasn't been basking in the sun either....been dang unseasonably cold in Houston too! At least we don't have SNOW! But he does have a bad case of cabin fever. But the sun did come out this past Sunday-Thursday. The days were beautiful with 70-80 degree temps.

Marsha is enjoying baking holiday cookies. Our daughter, Kelly, and boy friend, Dave, joined in and helped out. Hey, now don't eat them all. Leave a few for Paul and Carrie when they arrive just before Christmas.

Kelly and Dave icing cookings

When it snows you gotta' make the most of it! Dave was out shoveling the driveway, and Kelly decided to join him to make a snowman.



What great neighbors. The fellow across the street was out plowing driveways in the neighborhood with his four-wheeler and cleaned our driveway several times. That sure put a smile on Marsha's face – she's got visiting and shopping to do!


Many people have wondered about “Who’s going to take care of Bella while you are in Ohio?” Carrie has a couple friends staying in Houston for the holidays that will “cat-sit” Bella for a few days when both Paul and Carrie fly North. Come Christmas day, the family will be together, all except poor Bella.

Now to the present. Paul flew back to Ohio on Thursday, December 19. There was tons of snow on the ground. But come Friday and today, it has rained and no more snow. He is not one bit unhappy.

Kelly and Dave came Friday night to stay the weekend with us. Carrie flies in on Sunday. Kelly is on winter break, so she will stay with us the entire Christmas break. Poor Dave has to go back to work…boo hoo.

We have some big exciting news to share but that will be in our next blog.

Hope everyone is done with their shopping. There are lots of nutty drivers out there this time of year.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!