Monday, July 22, 2013


Monday, July 22 – We have been enjoying our visits with family and friends. Sometimes we are having so much fun we don't have time to post. This summer it seems that many bloggers are having the same wonderful problem.

Below is a catch-up post on some of the things we have been doing.

In preparation for building a fence across the wall Paul constructed on the rear property line, he had a load of wood chips delivered. He wants to spread them around the fence to help with weed control. The fellow on the phone said he would bring out a truckload. We never imagined the size of a truckload. It was humongous! What will we ever do with all these wood chips?

mulch pile

Paul installed a vinyl fence along the rear property line. This is where he built the stone wall. The fence sits on top of the wall and provides plenty of privacy for our backyard.

The beginning.
begging of wall

paul and wall

There's really not a neighboring house behind us, but the fence provides a nice background for Marsha's flowers and gives us a “court yard” effect for our rear yard and patio.

He purchased the fence at Home Depot and so far is very happy with it. It installed as planned – once you get the hang of it – and seems pretty sturdy. We had a similar fence at our last house, and it still looked new the day we moved.

The fence comes in six foot panels and is six foot high. We have a 5 x 5" post between the panels. The panels are attached to the posts using brackets. The only thing Paul questioned about the assemble is that the posts are only eight foot long. That means only about two feet are buried. He used concrete in the post-holes so hopefully things will hold up. Hate to return after spending the winter in the south and find the fence laying on the ground.

Paul will miss talking to the neighbor friend but as they say, “a good fence makes for a good neighbor.” The fence is actually pretty good for the neighbor helping to hide our fifth wheel and giving his dog a little peace – he barks when he sees us outside.

Marsha got to work right away planting some flowers and plants to adorn the fence. Since it is getting late in the planting season, she will plant more perennials next year.

Marsha planting

Marsha planting

Marsha planting

Paul spread those wood chips in front of the wall, along the backside of the mound, among the flowers on the north property line, and even spread them lightly over the gravel RV parking area. Anyone want some wood chips?

Finished product

finished fence

Paul's purchase in Texas.

Quite a contrast.

A little Mexico in Canton.
mexican pot


A special shout out to Rick, Rick & Paulette's RV Travels, for helping Marsha with a crazy blog issue. She noticed that when she read their post a few days ago, several words contained underlines and appeared in blue. She left Rick this comment…

Question...I noticed that you have several words, such as weather, car, green bags, step, that are in a different color. When I place my mouse over them, a pop up comes up directing me to another site. Is this suppose to happen? Wonder what is going on here?

Rick emailed Marsha back the same day giving her a couple of suggestions. He said it was an issue called a 'Text Enhance' adware. Rick suggested she run Malwarebytes and look at her Chrome Extensions. Marsha found an extension called 'safe savEE'. Rick had never heard of this extension and suggested she delete it. WALA…problem solved. Thanks again Rick for your help in solving this blog mystery.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!