Thursday, June 13, 2013


Thursday, June 13 – We are continuing our home improvement jobs. More on that in the next blog.

Marsha loves her bird feeder. But not some of the varmints that visit the feeder.

Now look what you did.
squirrel and feeder


These she likes.

yellow bird

Notice the bungee. Our squirrel-proofing idea.male cardinal

female cardinal

Anyone know the name of the bird on the left? We have never seen one of these before.unknown bird

baby cardinal

We have spotted a ground hog eyeing our garden. Even though we put a fence around it, we can never be too caution with that varmint. Paul put a live trap out hoping to catch and relocate it. Well, we did catch something but not a ground hog.

A face only a mother can love.

paul and raccoon

Relocation time.
bye raccoon

When we were in Mission, Marsha learned another new craft, Swedish Weaving. She completed her first project. She made three table runners for our living room tables. She said they turned out perfect. Thanks again Donna and Suzie for introducing her to yet another hobby.


table runner

Marsha is pretty good with identifying grasses, flowers and weeds. But this one has her stumped. We sprayed them with Roundup but to no avail. It has a root system no bulb system. We dug up a few and took them to our local nursery. Several people looked at them and had no idea what they are. They suggested using Roundup at full strength and adding some dishwashing soap. The dishwashing soap will help the Roundup adhere to the leaves. If anyone knows what this weed? flower? is and how to kill it, please let us know. We appreciate your help.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.