Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Tuesday, December 20Warning…there are photos in this blog of Marsha's surgery. Hopefully they won't gross any of you out!

Marsha's surgery on Friday went very well. Hopefully, this will correct the problems that were beginning to affect her vision. She had to have both upper and lower lids corrected increasing the expose to the eye. Dr. Shah told her that after all the swelling goes down, her lids will be even. She should have 100% of her field of vision back. To say the least, she is thrilled! The surgery took a little over a hour and a half. Our sister-in-law, Chris, took Marsha to the hospital and brought her home. Chris works in recovery at one of the local hospitals and was able to ask the doctor all the right questions. Nice to have a nurse in the family!

This is what she looked like when she first arrived home. She looks terrible but HAD NO PAIN AT ALL!1a as soon as i got home

She has to put cold compresses/frozen peas on her eyes every 20 min. on and 20 min. off. Her eyes were so swollen, and the stitches were very tight. These caused some discomfort, but no pain. She didn't take any Vicodin the first day. What a miracle.

One of the biggest challenges is sleeping. She must keep her head erect. No lying down or on her side. Her back is hurting from just sitting in the same position. She has to try to sleep in this position for at least a week.

This is one day after surgery.

On Sunday morning, she woke up to more swelling than she thought her face could take. Our daughter, Kelly, and Marsha's dad thought she might need to go to the emergency room. Before they did that, Marsha decided to do at least two rounds of compresses and her frozen peas. After the second 20 min., some of the swelling in the left eye started to go down. It continued to go down the rest of the day. It was the third day after surgery, and usually that is the worst day for her.


It is now Tuesday, and she is feeling much much better. Sleep is not coming easily to her. She does doze off and on all day. She isn't allowed to put any more ice on her eyes. Nature has to take over from here. She doesn't like it, but she isn't permitted to go to the gym or do any strenuous work for a couple of weeks. She has a follow-up appointment next Tuesday before flying back to Houston on Wednesday.

The latest picture. Getting better slowly. 11-Tuesday-morning

Thanks so much for your prayers, best wishes and love. It surely helped with the surgery!

HAPPY HANUKKAH to all our dear Jewish friends!

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