Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We can’t believe that we have been in Canton for three full weeks and working on our last. It was and is another week of visits. On Monday, July 26, we will leave for Washing DC.

On Saturday we visited with our neighbors that lived across the street from us. We were both so surprised at how BIG both the kids grew. This is Anna. Marsha calls her…her adopted granddaughter. She has grown a foot or more since last October. She is going in third grade and is smart as can be.


This is Anna’s brother, Anthony. He cracks everyone up. He is ALWAYS either laughing or smiling. He is just on the verge of walking by himself. He has also grown a ton!!!


Of course, we couldn’t leave before Marsha and Anna had their picture taken together. You can see by the picture that Anna is almost as tall as Marsha. Of course, no one would call Marsha a giant or anything.


HAIRY SITUATION! Paul's computer has been acting up lately so we thought we better have someone check it over. We took it to the local computer store and explained our problem. Three days later, we returned to pick it up. It's only had a cat hairball and dirt....LOL. It seems the fan that cools its interior had sucked in cat hair. Bella (our cat) loves to lay on the window ledge by our table. That's where our computers are and where we do are computer work. After seeing Paul’s computer, Marsha thought she better take her computer in for cleaning. Her computer is twice as old as Paul's and her hairball/dirt was twice as big.....crazy. So we now have another item on our annual maintenance list....”Get computers cleaned!”

This is what came out of Marsha’s computer.


If you are wondering what problems we were having that led to us getting the computers clean…fan would stay on all the time, hot computer bottom and Marsha’s kept turning off all the time. We were told that we shouldn’t use canned air to try to clean the fan. That just causes the dirt to be sent somewhere else in the computer. The computer actually needs taken apart to get the dirt out.


Just one more flashback. When we were in Red Bay, AL, we drove to University, MS, to The University of Mississippi or better known as Ole Miss.

It was about one and a half hours from Red Bay. The university is very pretty. One thing we did notice is that the buildings are very close to each other. There are several new buildings going up. Usually a campus has a theme, we didn’t really see one but think that the presences of columns on most of the buildings may be their trademark. We spent a few hours enjoying the campus.


The Grove is very pretty.


The Student Services building is beautiful inside.



The Magnolias were all blooming in May. They are huge!


Interfaith Pairs Yates Chapel


Pairs bell tower with 36 bells


This one is for our daughter Kelly. She is the softball coach at her high school.


Here are more pictures of Ole Miss.

Thanks for stopping by. See y’all real soon.