Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Friday, April 18 – We went “Rodeo Houston”. We watch the rodeo and a concert by Alan Jackson. Tonight Alan Jackson will sing to his one millionth concert goer. We're not huge Alan Jackson fans even though we listen to country music.

We parked off site and rode the train to the Reliant Center to avoid the traffic. We were cutting things close because Carrie, our youngest daughter, was returning from Chicago. She travels as an Exxon employee. Our plan of avoiding traffic didn't work....US-59 was PACKED.....what a mess.

The 79th edition of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo ended on a record-breaking run, with 2,262,834 in total attendance. The Rodeo is the largest in the country. Now you can understand why all the traffic. 


But Carrie was sitting in the airport.....her flight arrived late....surprise, surprise, surprise. Kelly was already at the parking garage, so we decided to move on and meet Carrie at the Rodeo. Thank goodness, Kelly knew where and how to find the train station. The train ride was awesome. We really like mass-public transportation in big cities.

We arrived at Reliant Stadium, along with thousands and thousands of other people. Since Paul and Kelly's birthdays are coming up in the next couple weeks, Carrie paid for the tickets......thanks girl! The seats were actually pretty good.....a little high, but as the commercial goes....”No bad seat in the house!” The stadium roof was closed, and the air conditioning was cooling things off nicely. And of course we had the huge screen TV's giving us up close views of the action, if needed!

View from our seats.

The rodeo was GREAT! We saw Tie Down Roping, Some pictures are enlarged from the zoomed in version of the original picture. They may be a bit fuzzy but not bad.


Bareback Riding. While we were looking at the TV, Carrie noticed something on this cowboy’s helmet.


I zoomed in and there as big as day is Chief Wahoo. Our Cleveland Indians mascot. GO TRIBE!


Team Roping. This was really exciting. Two cowboys…one had to rope the calf around the neck and the other had to catch a hind leg in a rope.



We also watched steer wrestling, bucking broncos, bull riding, barrel chases, and even Mutton Bustin’. That last event was hilarious. It involved little boys and girls, all dressed-up in their cowboy outfits, riding lambs.....bare back! It was sooooo cute! And a 5 year-old GIRL WON! Way to go.....girl!

Notice how all the sheep are running to the opposite end of the pen. They are trying to get away from the kids.

The Chuck Wagon race was fast and looked dangerous! They first had to work their way through the barrels, and then race around the track.



The last event was the Calf Scramble. Twenty-eight teenagers scrambled after 14 calves in the 4 acre arena of the Reliant Stadium. The teens that rope one of the calves received a $1,250 certificate to purchase a registered beef heifer or steer and will return to Houston next year to exhibit the heifer. All year long a record book is kept. Awards are given based on the records and scrapbooks kept, as well as scholarships. It was hilarious watching these kids chase these calves. They really had to work to rope them.


One lucky winner.

After the rodeo was the Alan Jackson Concert. They had set up a stage in the middle of the arena floor, and it even rotated around.....again, not a bad seat in the house.....especially with the Jumbotron TV's.


The concert was fabulous. He sang so many familiar favorites, and the crowd really enjoyed the show!

Even fireworks…inside…roof closed!

His last song brought the house down. He sang, “Where I Come From”, but put a twist on it and made it a Texan version.

We walked around a bit looking for the dance hall, but alas, we couldn't find it. So, we joined the crowd heading home. The train ride (free on rodeo weekend by-the-way) was packed, but everyone was enjoying the ride and we were soon back at the parking garage and on our way home. US-59 was open and moving freely. Instead of the 90 minute ride during rush hour, we were home in 20 minutes.

For those of you, like Marsha’s dad, that like to know what some of the livestock sold for at auction, get a load of these prices! Remember…these are kids selling to members of the community, be it private or commercial. Great job kids!

2011 Grand Champion Junior Market Steer
2011 Price: $350,000

2011 Reserve Grand Champion Junior Market Steer
2011 Price: $310,000

2011 Grand Champion Junior Market Lamb
2011 price: $200,000 (world's record)

2011 Grand Champion Junior Market Goat
2011 price: $100,000

If you can make it to Houston in the month of March, DO NOT miss the Rodeo/Livestock Show. Another one of those…Must See Events.

Can you tell that we had a great time?

Kelly, Marsha, Carrie, Paul

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!