Friday, March 11, 2011


Wednesday, March 9 - BACK TO HOUSTON! We arrived safely back at the Houston Elks in Stafford, TX. We are in the same site, number 8, that we stayed in back in December.



It was an interesting drive in the WIND......JEESH!!! I was about to pull off a couple times but pushed on to our destination......CRAZY WIND!! I was hoping to see how my new tires rode, but the wind was so bad I couldn't evaluate them.

I last filled the MH with diesel fuel on December 30, 2010 at $2.99/gallon. Today the price was $3.79/ gallon.....nearly a dollar more......EEEEK! Where will it end???

Thursday, March 10 – We headed up to Waller, TX. Kelly’s JV team is playing in a tournament. Kelly is the head JV coach and Assistant Varsity coach. This is the first time we have seen Kelly since December.



While we were there, they lost the first game. The next game wasn’t for three hours so we decided to leave. Kelly called later and said that they had won. They play their next tourney game on Sat. morning. We don’t think we will go up. We are headed up to Kelly’s school, Mayde Creek, tomorrow night to see the JV and Varsity play a district game.

It is amazing the construction that is still going on all over Texas. Yet again another highway is being built around Houston.



After our two and a half month stay at Leisure Valley Ranch in Mission, Texas; Paul thought he would write a review of his impression of wintering in the Rio Grande Valley. Over-all, I would rate our stay as VERY ENJOYABLE!

We met so many wonderful and very friendly people.....we will truly miss them and consider them our “new” friends. Marsha especially finds it difficult to say “good-bye.” We look forward to meeting these friends down the road in the future.

Leisure Valley is a very nice community. Not only friendly people, but paved streets with large concrete sites, a huge club house, an abundance of activities, a nice swimming pool, shuffle board, pickleball, golf, dances, and on and on.

The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is easily accessible – only about six hours south of Houston – with warm temperatures and sunny skies. There are dozens of neighborhoods of Winter Texans that share activities with other campgrounds. There is certainly never a lack for something to do! Plenty of shopping for just about anything you may want or need. Groceries, fuel, and campgrounds are all relatively inexpensive. We NEVER had any fear of violence from Mexico. We traveled to Progresso three times and enjoyed it immensely. I repeat.....WE NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS OR FEAR!!!

The only negative of the area is the WIND! We had one week where it gusted continuously for about five straight day. Day and night without stopping.....ugh! Most weeks, you get a day or two of windy activity and then five or six days of blue skies, sunny weather with warm temperatures. It only rained once the entire time we were here.....BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

In summary, the RGV is a good place to spend the winter.....the locals sure welcome everyone here! The only negative is the wind. If you are not bothered by 8-10 mph winds, I would think about staying here. We've certainly enjoyed are time here!

Thanks to all our “new” friends for making this an unforgettable winter.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!