Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Sunday, March 27- We celebrated Easter at Carrie's apartment. But, we actually started our Easter weekend at the Houston Elks Lodge Easter egg hunt. We enjoyed watching the kids from our patio here at the Elks campground. Members of the Lodge hid nearly 1000 eggs in the lawn area next to our site. It only took six minutes for the kids to collect the eggs, but it sure looked like fun.

Easter Egg hunt

Who do you think came over to our campsite for a visit? The Easter Bunny! We both posed for a picture. Thanks Easter Bunny for taking time during your busy day to stop and say hello!

Easter bunny

Easter bunny

After church on Sunday, we headed to Midtown Houston to celebrate at our daughters. We arrived early so Marsha could help with the meal preparation. Paul busied himself with a couple household projects for Carrie.

We took some time out to enjoy the gorgeous day. Carrie is only about a mile from the downtown area.

Beautiful but very windy day.
Easter day

The dinner was delicious. The traditional ham dinner, with mashed potatoes, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and home made bread. Perfect! We were so stuffed that we took a couple block walk around Carrie’s neighborhood. Living in Midtown means there are lots and lots of restaurants. We took special notice of some of the crazy signs outside some of the establishments.

Midtown drinkery

Little Woodrows

After dinner it was time for Paul to blow out the candles on his birthday “pull-apart.” A giant pastry Marsha made. Decked out with trick candles that couldn't be blown out. We eventually had to drown them in a glass of water to put them out. Marsha.....such a joker! By the way....the next time Paul's birthday falls on Easter Sunday is March 27, 2086. Paul will be 136 that year!

We then turned to the Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny left for Carrie and Michael. They must have been pretty nice because that rabbit sure left them with several nice baskets.

We weren't done yet. We had eggs to color. We all got highly involved in this annual event. We had paints for the first time this year along with our normal dyes. We had a blast coloring eggs and writing our initials on several. We even decorated a couple with feathers.... :-)

Easter day

Easter day

Traditional decorating of the family eggs.
Dave, Kelly, Paul, Marsha, Michael, Carrie.
Easter day

Thanks Carrie for a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was an awesome conclusion to a wonderful weekend.

The End.
Easter Bunny

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!