Thursday, July 3, 2014


Thursday, July 3 – With the wedding just around the corner it was time for the girls to celebrate. It began with Carrie, our youngest, flying to Canton from Houston.

Kelly, Carrie, Marsha, and some close friends and relatives got together for happy hour on Friday night. They had a great time and finished up the night rendezvousing with the guys who had their own happy hour/dinner at a local pub.

Aunt Katie, Kelly, Carrie and Marshakatie kelly carrie marsha

Girls just want to have fun.
Chris Kelly Brittany

Kelly with Marsha and future mother-in-law, Jackie.
kelly marsha jackie

Saturday was the Bachelorette party for Kelly and her friends. They spent the day at a resort area, Put-In-Bay, on Lake Erie. They enjoyed themselves touring the island and visiting several of the local taverns. We are sorry, but we cannot post any of the photos of that day/night. Let your imagination run wild.

Sunday was one of the days Marsha has been waiting for for a very long time. She was throwing a wedding shower for Kelly. She's been working very hard on this celebration. It was held in the party room of a local golf course. Carrie and the bridesmaids did a fantastic job of helping her get everything ready. Jackie, Dave’s mom, and Chris, Kelly’s Godmother and Aunt, chipped in with making the favors and taking care of the lovely cake table. Marsha says a HUGE thank you to them all. The celebration was so much fun. Kelly was thrilled with the entire day.

This is what welcomed Kelly to her bridal shower.

Enter the bride with her entourage.
kelly and bridesmaides


Carrie, Kelly and Marsha.
 carrie kelly marsha

Kelly and Aunt Chris.
kelly and chris

Get a group of ladies together and it is nonstop chit chat.ladies

A flashback of Kelly’s life.

Toasting the bride-to-be.

Kelly enjoying one of her many, many

In just a short 16 days, these two will be Mr. and Mrs. Dave DiCato.

Kelly and Dave

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!