Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Saturday, December 18 - MERRY CHRISTMAS at the Weaver's house!!!


Doesn’t look like anyone has been good this year…right!


The stockings were hung on the counter with care. The two striped ones on each end  are 26 years old. Only cost about a buck back then.


We went to Kelly's apartment to celebrate Christmas today!!!

Kelly is so happy to get a new hair dryer and


pans. When she moved from Tyler, TX to Katy, somehow she lost all her lids to her pans…go figure.


Carrie loves her new veggie steamer.


The entire time Carrie went to Virginia Tech she never had a turkey caller. FINALLY, Santa heard her cry. She can take it to where ever she will be watching the big game on January 3rd.


Marsha and the girls have prepared the FEAST for Christmas dinner.  Of course dinner was delicious. Marsha made a family favorite....Italian Wedding Soup. This has become a family tradition we all enjoy! Everything was yummi.


The ladies are heading to Ohio the first of next week to have Christmas with Marsha's family. Poor Paul......he and Bella have to suffer in Houston's 75 degrees and sunny weather....ahhhhhh!!!

We had a wonderful time at Kelly's. Everyone seemed to enjoy and appreciate their gifts. Santa was really good to the Weaver family. The best gift was the chance to spend Christmas together as a family. We are truly Blessed with two wonderful daughters and a family full of love for each other!

When we got home, we let Bella open her gift. WOW…does she like her gift. Look real close and you can see a light-brown mouse with a tail. OH yea…catnip is inside the body. Merry Christmas Bella!


Sunday, December 19 – Another beautiful day. Marsha spent most of the day packing and cleaning.

We have new neighbors, Tracey and Rick Whalen, Whelan’s Wheels (go round and round and round). Tracey emailed Marsha a while back commenting on our blog. They have emailed back and forth since. We are happy to meet them. We met Rick up at the lodge and had a great time. Tracey was a bit under the weather. Seems they had a really BIG time Saturday at the Elks…LOL

Monday, December 20 – Marsha finished up packing, took the decorations down and gave last minute instructions to Paul about Bella.  We picked up Kelly and Jamie, a friend of Carrie’s, and headed for Hobby Airport.  Marsha and Kelly left for Canton, Ohio at 5 p.m. and arrived at 10:30.  They said security was no problem. They both said it wasn’t a bad experience at all.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all again real soon. Have a great day!