Monday, September 26, 2011


Saturday, September 24 – Howl at the Moon.......that's a piano bar on 4th Street Live in downtown Louisville. Our daughter, Carrie, was in Louisville a month or so ago and while her gang was at the bar enjoying the dueling pianos she won a party for 100 of her friends at the bar. It expires at the end of September and since she couldn't use it, she gave it to us. Two instead of a hundred....hmmm. Not sure weather this was a good deal or not for Howl at the Moon?


Suppose they would have preferred 100 drinking twenty-somethings than two sipping seniors....Ha! Ha! Regardless, we received free admittance ($10), four drinks ($1.00 each), half price off future drinks (don't drink and drive), and a free buffet ....not availably tonight...:=(     We had a great time enjoying the dueling piano players and people watching.


Of course there was the customary bridal shower girls enjoying toasting the future bride, birthday parties, and groups of people, young & old, having a good time.

This area of downtown, 4th Street Live, was a special treat.


Nice to see people strolling downtown, enjoying the bars, restaurants, and music venues.

This picture was taken early in the day.

They had a dress code and a 21+ age requirement too! Sorry, no shorts, sleeveless shirts on men, excessively torn clothing, exposed undergarments on men, full sweat suits, sagging pants or shorts; excessively long shirts or backpacks. The rag tag group has to stay home! The place was packed with neatly dressed young people....and quite a few of us in the “experience” age category. A nice evening downtown!

We even were treated to a couple taking a carriage ride.

Sunday, September 25 – While talking to our daughter, Carrie, this morning about her visit to Churchill Downs a month or so ago, she mentioned that she didn't pay for a tour and simply walked in the horse track during an off-track betting day. That's what we had in mind. A 30 minute tour was $10 and all we really wanted was to see the track and take a couple pictures.

So we checked the internet and there was off-track betting at Churchill Downs this afternoon. Horse racing in Kentucky is rich in history, dating back to 1789 when the first race course was laid out in Lexington. However, it was almost 100 years later, in 1875, that Churchill Downs officially opened and began its tradition as "Home of the Kentucky Derby."


HUGE building.

We headed to the track, paid a $1 admissions fee and walked freely all over the race track grand stands. So those of you looking for a bargain, check out Churchill Downs when they are having off-track racing or better yet, a live race.


Amazing the number of people attending the off-track betting. If you are not familiar with off-track betting, you watch on TV and, of course, bet on races at other race tracks. There were 100's and maybe a coupe thousand people placing bets and watching the results on TV.


There are several murals depicting the history of Churchill Downs.

Churchill Downs Main Track:

  • One mile oval with a one mile chute
  • Homestretch: 80 feet wide
  • Backstretch: 80 feet wide
  • 4% banking on turns


They have computers at the the outdoor seating area making it convenient to watch one race and place a wager on another.


Finish line.


And the winner is…

You can see the Louisville football stadium from the track.



We did not visit the museum. But if you would like to take a virtual tour, click here.

Oh yes…least we forget. Marsha has spotted a few more of those "special" horses.


1998 Derby winner…Real Quiet


1946 winner…Assault

Finally…Urban Edge

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