Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tuesday, August 2 - Our daughter, Kelly, met us at the campground this morning for a trip to Amish Country........Yeah, shopping with the girls!!!!  :=)  We took all the back roads. What a beautiful day for a ride. This part of Ohio is lovely.


There is one Amish farm after another. Each better than the last.


There were buggies every where. We needed to be very careful not to ride too close or too fast.


We go very lucky and were able to watch several farmers cutting their hay. This was so interesting to the three of us. With all the modern equipment today, they stay true to their beliefs and work the land by hand.




How beautiful it looks.

Our first stop was Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, OH.


It's like shopping and going to a museum at the same time.


There are thousands of products you thought they quit making years ago.

Anyone out there ever use this?

Made in the USA. They had a sense of humor. Read the last line.

We remember our mom and grandma using this next product.

Originally built to serve the simpler needs of the local Amish, it is now a tourist stop for the thousands visiting this area of Ohio. With 30,000 square feet of space, including a cafe and a buggy barn, Lehman's is worth a trip to Amish Country all on its own.

Never heard of this one. Laundry SODA?

Here is one of those…what is it…why use it?

It is a clothes pin holder. Marsha remembers her mom having, not this exact one, but a holder on her clothes line for the clothes pins.

The City of Berlin, with its hundreds of small shops, was our next stop.


We strolled the street and enjoyed the chocolate shop, the bakery, book stores, coffee shops, a bulk dry goods – where Marsha found her meat curing salt she's been searching for, a cheese shop, and Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant where we enjoyed a late lunch.

We saw a sign for handmade baskets, so we headed down a country road where we were directed to an Amish farm house. The young Amish gal, who was in the middle of doing her weekly wash using a propane driven washing machine, showed us into the house to see her hand made baskets. Her beautiful baskets were made using cane instead of the pine needles Marsha uses in making her baskets. Marsha was interested in discovering the type of dyes she used to dye her cane. She explained how she used Rite dye, the same type Marsha uses, but the powder type rather than the liquid style Marsha has tried. So hopefully this will be the solution Marsha is looking for in her needle dying.

Marsha made several purchases of jelly, pickles and a few Christmas gifts made out of cane.

Kelly intended to spend the night at the motorhome, but received the call she's been waiting to receive from Cuyahoga Falls City Schools. She's been hired as a math teacher. Since they asked her to stop in the human resource office tomorrow morning, she decided to head home to organize the paper work they requested she bring along. What an emotional relief to get that phone call. CONGRATULATIONS Kelly!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!