Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Saturday, April 10 – Before I tell you about our visit to Trader Village, I want to tell you what happened to us on the way to church Easter Sunday. Funny thing happened on the way to church. Marsha was driving along about a minute from church when a Texas State Trooper pulls up behind her and turns on his lights. She said, ”What the heck.’ and I replied, “Believe me dear, you aren’t getting pulled over for speeding.” In which, she gave me The Look. Anyway, the police officer comes to the window and as polite as can be says, “Good morning, folks.” “I noticed a blue  light on the front grill of your car. Could you tell me what that is.” Paul explains that the light was installed when we had the supplemental braking system installed to apply the brakes of the Jeep automatically when being towed by the motor home. This light is to inform us that the Jeep brakes are applied. This is important to know, especially if you DO NOT have the MH brakes applied. You don't want to be dragging the Jeep with the brakes on! Well, this BLUE LED light is illegal in Texas (it was installed in Ohio). Only Police cruisers can have a blue light visible on the front of the vehicle. We explained our situation to the policeman and he said to cover it with black electrical tape when we are not towing. On we went with a “have a good day” from the police officer. Marsha still swears she wasn't speeding....LOL!

Now to Saturday….We went to Camper's World in Houston this morning. I received a gift card for my birthday and there were some things we wanted to check-out at the RV Store. We've been looking for some chairs with high backs but struck-out again. We've seen other people with them, but have been unable to find similar ones. Instead we upgraded our sewer hoses. We had the El Cheapo style from Walmart so I purchased better ones. We also purchased a stand to hold the hose up off the ground so it drains properly. Happy Birthday to me.

We then over to Houston’s Trader Village is a Texas-Size Marketplace. opened in 1989 and covers more than 105 acres, with 1,500 dealers, every weekend. More than one million people browse, buy & trade in this open-air bargain hunters' paradise each year. It's the largest market on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Besides the great shopping there's always something happening at Traders Village.

We walked around the market enjoying the people and looking at the things for sale. There is quite a Mexican influence on many of the things for sale. Marsha did find a small basket she's been looking for. She sat it by the door to hold our keys and other items we use daily.



There were tons of vegetable and fruit stands. We tried our first taste of papaya. We both did not like it.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Texas with one of these on every block.


You should of seen the dogs for sale. Cage after cage of puppies. I think this was an example of the puppy factories people talk about.



And lots of birds for sale.


Never knew their was a variety of Finch with our name sake.


We saw no cats for sale. Thank goodness.

We found this place rather weird…Voodoo?




For some reason, Paul was in the mood to buy me a fur. What I would do with that is beyond me.


This is the one he picked out for me….Gee thanks, Hon!


We have never seen anything like this at any Flea Market we have been to.


I was tempted…..LOL  So was Paul.


For you men….the sign 4 X 11 is not the size of the bra. They were selling them 4 for $11.00. What a steal!

Paul was at it again. No, hon…I will not look like the manikins when I put those jeans on. Can you see the expression on the sales gal face. She is thinking….Get your kicks, old man.


They were having the annual Bayou City Cajun Fest celebration with all types of Cajun food and music.


There was a super Cajun band and dancing. We only understood about every 9th word they sang. It was all in Cajun talk.


Of course, we couldn’t go to the Cajun Fest without eating some Cajun food.



For $3 you could purchase this huge plate of Crawfish! Marsha wanted some, but it was too much for her to eat. Nope, not for me. They look like something I would kill or run from....not eat!


We settled for some Red Beads and Rice, Gumbo & Rice, Bodine, and sausage on a Stick. All excellent!

With all this delicious Cajun food, Paul’s favorite is still the elephant ear....yum!


Oh.....before I forget something else...We've just about finished with our clean-up and leaf bagging here at Rainbow's End. We've bagged over 77 bags of leaves and winter trash. GOOD JOB.....MARSHA! But wait! She's not one to put up her feet and enjoy sitting around. She has now volunteered in the library and is sorting books and getting EVERYTHING organized. She's the Assistant Librarian.....JEESH!

Monday, April 12 – Marsha is a “happy camper” now a  days. She ordered MLBN….Major League Baseball Network. She now can watch almost all the Cleveland Indians’ games. She has the TV schedule, times and channels. Some games are telecast on two channels…home team and visitor team networks. She loves when they broadcast the Indians STO channel. She gets to listen to her life-long idol, Rick Manning! She was so excited for opening day at home, but in the end, they lost again against Detroit. She said….”Wait until Wednesday!” I don’t know how she can keep getting kicked in the teeth and come back for more. True fan she is!

Are friends and neighbors, Ed & Linda Lavin, who were parked right next to us, pulled out this morning. They are headed for Alabama. Surprisingly, the spot sat empty all day. Around 4:00, we saw a motorhome coming around the bend. It was Don DeCoast, and he pulled in the empty spot. Don and Joyce are friends we met here in Livingston in December of last year. We also spent time with them in Quartszite. Don is here by himself while Joyce flew home to New Hampshire to visit with her daughter, sister and the rest of the family. It will be fun to visit with Don for a few days.

It's been SIX WEEKS since my back surgery......two more weeks to go in this back brace. I can't wait to get it off! It will take a week or so to get out of it completely. I have to wean myself slowly. An hour more each day until I'm comfortable with it off all day.

We played dominoes again tonight. We only had four players, so we played Spinners. Marsha and I both got wins!

Tuesday, April 13 – On our way home from the health club this morning, our windshield caught another stone from a passing truck. This time we escaped with only a very small chip. We immediately called the glass guy and had it repaired before it spread. Thank goodness we have zero deductible on glass damage.

We spent most of the day sitting in the sun talking with Don and catching up with what each other has been up to and our plans for the future…especially this winter.

Around 4 p.m., we headed to Kelly’s softball game in Crockett…about an hour and fifteen minutes up the road. I looked like a different team. All the “bad apples” she had trouble with have quit the team and the girls were really enjoying playing the game…including Kelly! Even though some of the younger players that have been moved up to varsity made some errors, the team won 7-5. Yea!

The drive home in the dark was uneventful except the large bugs that were splattering on the windshield. We had to stop at a gas station and clean the glass so Marsha could see to finish the drive home…GEESH!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!