Sunday, April 3, 2011


Wednesday, March 30 – We don’t normally go in for modern art, but Marsha wanted to visit this Museum. Before I agreed, I asked how big and long would it take to go to the Museum. She promised it was small and wouldn’t take all day like the ones in Washington D.C. So off we went.

The Art Car Museum is a private museum of contemporary art.


The museum showroom celebrates the spirit of this post-modern age of car-culture, in which artists have remolded stock cars to the specifications of their own idiosyncratic images and visions.


Art Cars are, plainly, cars turned into works of art. By the way, all of these creations are drivable and were driven.


The Museum only has five rooms.


The Museum was featuring a truly original Houston art car artist, Mark David Bradford  aka “Scrapdaddy”. He has built some of the greatest innovative pieces of engineering/art on wheels.

Spoonozoid. This exterior of the car is covered with spoons. Actually pretty cool.


Seahorse has a saddle. Its eyes move back and forth.

Cable Guy was our favorite. It can be is covered with wires and cables.


Mark is a sculptor working primarily in metal and will exhibit both freestanding & wall related pieces. Many of his works are motorized.

Richard Cranium…very unusual to say the least.


He has been featured on such TV shows as Battle Bots and Junkyard Wars and hosted Scrapyard Scavengers for the History Channel. He won a contest for designing a guillotine that could slice a car in half. It is way to big to exhibit. They had a small-scale version of the device and a video of how it worked.



This one is called Self-Portrait, but we have no idea why.

There were many, many more of his works on display. The exhibit will only be there until April 24.

The Art Cart Parade…yes, you read correctly. There is a annual parade in Houston. It will be held on Sunday, May-11. If we were around, we would check this out.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!