Saturday, September 6, 2014


Saturday, September 6 – Marsha, the party animal, had her third annual wine tasting party. This year's theme was TEXAS WINE COUNTRY. During our travels around Texas this past winter, we stopped at several Texas Wineries and purchased wine. We saved them until returning to Ohio this summer for Marsha's wine party.

The party animal and her entourage are ready to serve up some wine.
ready to taste some wine 

Of course, Marsha decorated with a Texas theme....right down to Texas boot tasting glasses. Many of attendees dressed in their cowboy duds.

wine tasting table

Dave volunteers as the wine Sommelier with Kelly as his assistant. They do a great job describing the different wines and handing out the samples.

dave and wine

kelly serving wine

We had thirteen different wines to sample. We thought they were all Texas Wines, but the Sommelier discovered we had a couple Moab, UT wines included in the wine tasting event.

wine tasting 

How did that beer can get in the picture?
melissa and justin

We first picked a white wine winner and then a red wine winner.

wine tasting

After a final taste-off, Chenin Blanc of Castle Creek Winery, Moab, UT, was declared the winner! So in the end, a UT wine won the Texas Wine Country contest. WHAT?

winning wine


Everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening with some interesting conversation, laughter, music, and the task of finishing quite a few partial bottles of wine left over from the tasting.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words, well wishes and prayers for Paul. We are still not sure when we will hit the road. He is feeling very good, but we will wait for all the test results to clarify what is going on.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!