Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We would like to thank everyone for their well wishes for our anniversary. Your comments, emails, and Ecards mean so much to us. A very special THANK YOU to Donna and Russ, Travels in Therapy. Since they know the Florence, OR, area, we told them where we were having dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant, a delicious cheese sampler was waiting for us compliments of Donna and Russ. WOW…we were so surprised. We haven't even met them yet, but we will on Saturday in Eugene. We are looking forward to thanking them in person. We had a wonderful seafood dinner. Oh yes, a few drinks were thrown in there also. Wonderful day and night.

A quick flashback…
Sunday, May 27 – We drove up the coastal highway, OR-101, to the city of Gold Beach. Sunny Gold Beach rests on the banks of the Rogue River where it flows into the Pacific Ocean. The Rogue has long been famous for world-class salmon and steelhead fishing.

Mouth of the Rogue River.Rogue River

The Isaac Lee Patterson Bridge across the Rogue River on Highway 101 at Gold Beach is a beautiful bridge. It was the first in the United States to use prestressed concrete arches to reduce construction costs. It is designed with seven graceful arches that were finished to appear to be stone, but are actually concrete.

Bridge in Gold Beach

We drove to the harbor believing Gold Beach was a fishing town and would have an interesting fishing fleet to view. Nope! We were disappointed in the lack of fishing boats and with the low water level, They do have jet boats that tour up river, but it was a pretty cold and dreary day so not many people were interested in getting wet in the jet boats.

Sea lions taking a break at the harbor.sea lions

We did have a friendly dog come running over carrying a stick wanting to play fetch. The only problem was the stick was a piece of driftwood about ten feet long. It took all his effort to get it off the ground and follow us around the area. He was so disappoint when we had to leave without finding a substitute stick to throw for him. Off he ran down the path, dragging his stick, hoping to find someone to play fetch.

want to play fetch

We stopped at the Myrtlewood Carving Factory on our way out of town. Myrtlewood is an extremely hard wood that is excellent for carving and turning. It grows only on the Northern coast of California, Southwestern Oregon and Israel. It has a beautiful grain and a wide variety of light colors. Tours are available, but being Sunday, only the store was open.


inside store

We stopped at several areas along the coast on our way back to Brookings. The rugged coast along 101 is so beautiful.

Organ coast 

The beach is easily accessible and with the tide out, you had plenty of room to walk or play in the dark sand. There were very few people on the beach, even on this holiday weekend. Guess it is too early in the season, or it's too cold, or maybe there just aren't that many people in this area.


hole in rock

One way to get down to the beach.
trail to beach

Regardless, in most cases we had the vistas all to ourselves or we shared them with only a couple people.

Cape San Sebastian

View from Cape San Sebastian.
cape sebatian

CRATER LAKE – We scrapped plans to visit Crater Lake. It's closed due to snow! There is only one mile of the road that is open. Guess we'll have to see that area sometime in the future.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!