Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Monday, April 1 - We've been enjoying our time here in Augusta spending time with Paul's brother, John and his family. We had a wonderful Easter with family and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with the nephews. One forgets the energy young kids have.....what wonder filled years!

Graham found his special egg.graham

Hudson is so happy to find another egg.hudson

Noah found a big egg.

Marsha had fun giving the kids one egg at a time and having them open it to see what prize was inside.

marsha and boys

Marsha wanted to help in the kitchen, but isn't tall enough to see inside the oven. She is actually on her toes looking in.

marsha and john in kitchen

Thanks for a wonderful, fun Easter, John and Karen. The food was delicious and the company terrific.

We are in a holding pattern here in the South trying to decide when it is “weather safe” to head North. We would also like to remain in the area for the Masters Golf Tournament (April 11-14). Paul's brother goes every year and has numerous tickets available. It would certainly be a memorable experience, one most golfers would certainly not want to miss. The only catch is the campground fees more than quadruple to $100/day. So we are looking for a place to store the RV during Masters Week events, and we'll move in with Paul's brother.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!