Monday, March 15, 2010


Thursday, March 11 – Marsha is getting antsy looking at all the leaves and weeds. She went over to the office and ask the Campground Manager if she could do some weeding. The Manager had to check on liability but told her later it would be OK. Matters of fact, she told her anything wanted to do around the campground would be appreciated. Marsha came back with a big rake and tons of big plastic bags. Away she went to the laundry room to weed the front. It was a mess. I wish I would have taken a picture of the bed before she started to weed. Here are few pictures of her weeding.

The weeds you see around the fern were everywhere in the flower bed.




One part of the bed looking soooo good!


Saturday, March 13 – Kelly came down to visit today! It was good to see her. We last saw her over the Christmas holidays. We took several walks around the park to show her the different area and to get some daily exercise. We then took a ride around Livingston to see what little is here. Next it was dinner time, and we grilled some sausage and Marsha prepared some fried potatoes and glazed onions. Very good.

After more talking and visiting, we watched a movie in our new DVD player and it was time to hit the sack.

Sunday, March 14 – Carrie arrived pretty early this morning. Surprise! We had a wonderful day just sitting around and talking with one another. The girls wanted to teach Marsha something new on the computer. They had more fun laughing than teaching.




We grilled some chicken and Marsha made her potatoes the girls like. Lee stopped over to meet the girls. They really enjoyed his visit. Kelly hit the road around 2:00 and Carrie around 3:00 so they could get their home chores done before work on Monday morning. Actually Carrie will be the only one going into work. Kelly is on Spring break.


We sure have two wonderful girls. They are so delightful to be around. We sure enjoy visiting with them and miss them when we're gone. Marsha made plans to go to the Rodeo with them next weekend, and we made plans to get together for Easter. Sounds like some more fun coming up!

Kelly                          Carrie

Monday, March 15 – Marsha is working out each day at a place called the Sweat Shop. She takes two classes, one for toning and one step aerobics. She hopes to get her youthful figure back. Of course, I think she looks just fine as is but you know woman! Before she got back to the motor home, she stopped at the office and came home with another rake and 15 bags. I said, “Oh no, now what?” She was in the leaf raking mood. She raked and I held the bag. We did all the laundry area and all around the motor home. When we were finished we had 4 huge black bags filled with leaves and 6 clear bags. Dwayne came to pick the bags up and told Marsha to slow down. He had to make three trips on the golf cart to get rid of all the bags. It sure does look nice!



She also took this picture of me. Can you guess if I am reading or sleeping? I will never tell.


Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon.