Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Saturday, August 29 – As stated in an earlier blog, our daughter and son-in-law live in Ohio Wine Country. One is required by local law to visit several of these wineries periodically. So, to fulfill that obligation, we headed out after lunch to visit four wineries. There were six of us on the trip. Along with Kelly and Dave (daughter & son-in-law), we had Rod and Katie (Marsha's brother and his wife). We all fit nicely in Dave's new Ford F-150. It was wonderful that we could all go in one vehicle.

Wine tasting isn't all fun – there's work involved! Especially if you are an emergency room nurse. Poor Katie. Being a nurse in the ER she can't turn her back on an accident. The first TWO wineries we visited had people needing help. One elderly lady had a little too much to drink and fell down the bus steps and gashed her head. Dave had to assist Katie on that one since he sells medical supplies and had a well stocked first aid kit in his truck. The second winery also had a lady down. She actually slipped going up the steps and was knocked unconscious. This was a little more serious, and the rescue squad had to be called. Eventually, things calmed down, and we were all able to enjoy a couple glasses of wine and relax overlooking the vineyard.

Our first stop…South River vineyard. Yep, in an old church.
South River vineyard

Beautiful view.
South River vineyard

We enjoyed an excellent bottle of wine called Creation.
South River vineyard

Second stop…Hundley Cellars.
Hundley Cellars

This winery just opened a few months ago. They are still putting some final touches on it.


Yummy wine at a great price.

Our third winery was just to check out the place. Kelly and Dave stopped at Laurentia Winery before and found the it to be a bit pricey. It is a gorgeous place though.

Laurentia Winery

Laurentia Winery

Our final stop of the day was Grand River Cellars.
Grand River Cellars

We shared one bottle of delicious semi-dry white wine.

There is a covered bridge car tour in this NE part of Ohio. We visited just one of the bridges with plans to do the tour next spring/summer.

The 228-foot-long Harpersfield Covered bridge is the longest covered bridge in Ohio.
Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Harpersfield Covered Bridge

Here comes Dave’s new Ford F-150.
Harpersfield Covered Bridge

After our wine tour, we returned to Kelly and Dave's home to chat, relax and spend the night.

What a great day it was. L-R: Dave, Kelly, Paul, Marsha, Katie, Rod

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!