Sunday, July 14, 2013


Sunday, July 14 – We had 16, YES, that is 16, straight days of rain. The sky looked like this every day! Yuck…16 bad hair days for Marsha.


Finally the sun came out and our friends, Pam and John of Oh The Places They Go, stopped for a visit.

Pam and John

We met these full-timers through our blogs and enjoyed lunch with them a year ago just outside Yellowstone National Park. They are on their way to York, PA, their hometown, and stopped here for a couple of nights.

Paul was happy to see his driveway improvements were a success. John slipped right in next to our 5th wheel on the first try, no problems. Unfortunately, we only have 120 volt electricity for them to plug into, but Mother Nature cooperated and cooled things off a tad. No humidity either!

Pam and John MH

After they got parked and settled in, we enjoyed a little happy hour and caught up on each others lives for a couple hours. Then Marsha prepared a dinner of grilled chicken breasts and fresh veggie kabobs that we enjoyed.

We just relaxed and enjoyed talking for the evening. As it turned dark and began cooling off, we returned to our homes for the night. I'm sure Marsha has some sightseeing planned for tomorrow, so we better get some rest.

We haven't blogged because we haven't been doing anything; we haven't blogged because we have been just too busy. Carrie flew in from Houston and Kelly came down from Streetsboro,Ohio,  and spent the week with us. It was nonstop visiting, laughing, eating, drinking, enjoying some family time together.   We will do some catching up in future blogs.

We had to reinstate the protective relocation service. We did catch that pesky groundhog, but it was only the baby.

ground hog

Bella wanted to check it out, but we wouldn't let her get too close.

noisey Bella

Relocation Supervisor at work.
relocation groundhog

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!