Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Tuesday, July 19 – We parked overnight at Brannon Hutchinson's Custom RV last night so we would be ready for our 7 am appointment this morning. He has 50 amp electric and water available to people waiting for service.

We entered the shop a few minutes early, and Brannon immediately began work on our inverter installation.


We had a 1000 Watt Xantrex Pure Sine Wave Inverter installed to power our refrigerator when we are not plugged into electrical power.


Brannon says we should be able to power our refrigerator easily for six hours without being plugged in or running our generator.


We also had our original six year old batteries replaced with new Interstate Batteries. We had four house batteries and two starter batteries installed.

Gross old ones.

Can you see the bulge between the old ones. Not a good sign.

What a dirty battery bay.

Nice and clean. Ready for the new batteries.


Our last item was the installation of a window awning.

Brannon working on the awning.

The living room window, on the passenger side, did not have an awning over it. Paul believes this is because it is under the main patio awning, but we don't always have the patio awning deployed. We like the privacy the window awnings provide, and the heat blocking factor they provide on warm sunny days like we've been experiencing in Alabama. Now all our main windows are covered by awnings.


We were very pleased with Custom RV. As the saying goes...”They ain't cheap, but they're good.” Brannon is a former Tiffin employee who decided to open his own shop. He is well respected in the Tiffin family of owners and has an impeccable reputation for doing fine work. We'll be back, if we need some custom work in the future. Brannon lived up to his reputation!

By two o'clock, we were re-settled into Site #43 at the Camp Red Bay Service Center. Paul went over and checked on the schedule for finishing up our warranty work. We are still on the list for the middle of next week.....JEESH! At least the work is covered by the Tiffin Extended Warranty!

FLASHBACK: On Saturday night, Janet, Brian, Robin, Paul and the two of us went out for catfish. Brian and Janet said we will love the catfish at Catfish Haven.


Catfish Haven is in Winfield, AL, about an hour north of Red Bay. Paul is NOT a lover of catfish, but said he would go and see what else they offered. GUESS WHAT…we both had the grilled catfish, and it was DELICIOUS!!! Paul had fried oysters, but didn't like them. Marsha had hushpuppies but didn't like them….soooooo….an exchange was made, and we both had an excellent meal.

Counter clockwise: Paul, Marsha, Robin, Paul, Janet, Brian

Brain and Janet left this morning. Tiffin finished working on their motorhome yesterday.  We miss them already. Thanks for all the great happy hours, long talks and lots of laughs!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon Have a great day!