Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wednesday, July 20 - No use sitting around here (Red Bay) doing nothing! So, Paul decided to replace the material on the awning over the door. It started unraveling about a year ago and is just about trashed now.


He bought the new material at the Tiffin Parts Store the other day and was going to wait for a cooler location to do the work, but might as well get it over with!

He removed the old material, and when he started to put in the new, noticed it was the wrong size.



So after three trips down to part, he finally got the right size....GRACIOUS!


Too bad an extra set of hands didn't come in the box....this was a two man job.



But a friendly neighbor came over and helped re-install the awning roller as Paul threaded the material on the other end and the rest went smoothly.


Now that should be good for another six or so years!



One of those jobs that should have taken a couple hours but between getting the wrong parts and having every man in the park stop to talk, it took about five hours. When you get all these men in his maintenance park waiting for service, they have to get out, walk around, and see what the heck other guys are doing on their motorhomes. A man's work is never finished! :=)

A second job, Paul decided to tackle while waiting on service is replacing the fog lights. Both lights have been hit by rocks, and Paul had the lens covered with clear packing tape.



So since the parts store is right here, might as well replace them. You would think you could just replace the bulbs or the lens cover, oh no! You have to replace the entire fixture. More junk for the landfills, I guess.

It wasn't a complicated task. Remove the old fixture with the broken lens. Unplug the wiring harness.


Plug in the new light fixture and bolt it back in place.


Wouldn't have been a bad job if it was so dang hot and humid....LOL

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!