Sunday, November 4, 2012


Sunday, November 4 – We again pulled out of our campsite at first light. We switch to Central Time Zone and dropped Daylight Savings Time yesterday so that was a two-hour time change for us. To say we were up early and ready to go is no surprise.

We are in a “sprint mode” having left our home base a month later than we intended and wanting to get to Houston to catch-up with our daughter. We normally try only to drive 3-5 hours per day or about 300 miles. Our first day on the road we covered about 400 miles.

Today we drove 475 miles in about nine hours.....way to long!  But we arrived in Benton, Arkansas with no problems and in pretty good moods – Paul didn't find anything to get all riled-up about... :<)

Our drive was uneventful. We noticed that the leaves haven't all changed colors and dropped off the trees, like up in Ohio.

colorful trees

The Ford F350 on board computer did let us know it was “Cleaning the Exhaust Filter” during our trip.

Cleaning Exhaust Filter warning

Paul had read about this and was expecting it. It has to do with the DFT and Ultra Low Sulfur diesel fuel required in today's diesel engines. Periodically, the engine runs at a higher temperature to burn the pollutants rather than exhaust them to the air. We didn't notice any change in the engine running but we imagine our MPG decreased slightly, but we don't even want to look at those figures.... :<(

We are at J.B.'s RV Park and Campground in Benton, AR. A very nice campground. The owners are wonderful, friendly people. The area is wooded, very long gravel sites, full-hookups for $23/night. A little over our target of $20.

Marsha is standing at the end of our Site #14. It is huge.Site 14

A little closer look.

From the back. The motor home next to us looks close, but it isn't.

Looking right.

Looking left.

After arriving and getting set-up (We're getting experienced at setting up...only took about 15 minutes.), Paul sanitized our water system. The 5th wheel was winterized when we took delivery, and we didn't want to change that until we got to a warmer climate. We did run water through the system last night but didn't drink any of the water. We'll leave the bleach solution in the fresh water holding tank while traveling tomorrow to sanitize everything. Then we should be good to go!

Bella was a little fussy again this morning. She never meows. She's very quiet! But the last two mornings, she meows for about two hours until she tiers herself out, then she settles down and crashes (sleeps like a drunk kitty) for the remainder of the trip. Crazy!

By-the-way.....this time change is killing us. Here we are at 6:30 p.m. and it feels like bedtime. It gets dark before supper, and it's hard to stay awake till 10 p.m....but come 5 a.m. guess who's up and ready to roll....LOL

Tomorrow we will arrive in Livingston, TX – our “official” home. We want to get the 5th wheel weighed, pick-up our mail, and on Tuesday we want to cast our ballots. So glad this election business will be over.

Stop back and check our progress. Everyone be SAFE out there!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!