Monday, November 15, 2010


Thursday, November 11 – We took a trip to Corpus Christi today. They are painting the big bridge over to Corpus Christi. Marsha was not happy to see this.


We walked along the Gulf Coast on the Pier area and in Cole Park.

Shore line


Water was a little rough.


Downtown Seawall


They have a bit of erosion going on.


Nina – This ship is a replicas of Christopher Columbus ship Nina. It is one of three ships build built in Spain. All three ships toured America in 1992 before coming to their permanent home in Corpus Christi in 1993.


Corpus Christi Marina – a little bit of money here.



We were a little disappointed in the lack of touristy stuff. Really not much to see or do. We will probably return to tour the USS Lexington, an aircraft carrier docked permanently at the pier.

We stopped at Home Depot for a couple bolts for Paul and then to the grocery store. We returned home to relax the rest of the day. We did spend about an hour in the hot tub this evening to massage our weary bones!

Friday, November 12 - Laundry day for Marsha, and Paul serviced the batteries. We also had a guy come out and look at our furnace because it won't come on......hmmmmm. Found out we need a new thermostat. That's one of those jobs Paul could have done in our former Sticks and Bricks (home), but being new to the MH Life he wasn't sure how to do it. Easy, so next time he'll do it himself.

Saturday, November 13 – Nice slooooooow day. Got our fill of college football. We were a bit nervous at the way Ohio State and Virginia Tech played the first half but they both came on second half to win BIG.

We have been watching some men down the road work on what we think is the sewer system. What is with all the red flex-pipe every two feet?  Paul believes it is something on the surface (a temporary line) hooked to a buried pipe.  Never saw anything like this???? Marsha’s dad was a Master Pipefitter. Dad…can you figure it out?




Sunday, November 14 – Went to First Baptist Church in Rockport. There is a Lutheran Church here in Rockport but their service wasn’t until 10:30. We like to go early, so we hit the 8:30 service at FBC.

Hooray…the first time we get to see the Cleveland Browns on TV. We have Direct TV and get a New York channel that carried the game. The Browns, with Colt McCoy a former Texas Longhorn, look pretty good! BUT they lost in overtime….BOOOOOO!

The Park had an ice cream social tonight. We had some good Texan Bluebell Ice Cream and met several new people. Everyone there will be staying in the Park until about April. They all were very nice.

Marsha has done it again. She volunteered to get the library in order. She stayed after ice cream and began organizing the books. She said it will be a bit difficult to make it look nice since the shelves are all different shapes and sizes. Her ultimate goal is just to get them alphabetized. She missed her calling as a Librarian!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!