Sunday, February 13, 2011


Friday, February 11 – Well, with warm weather returning to the RGV (that's Rio Grande Valley), Paul took the opportunity to wash the MH. He decided to do roof and all. Usually Mother Nature takes care of the roof, but one should try to wash and wax it a couple times a year. So with the sun shining and the temperature rising, he gathered his bucket and brushes and headed “upstairs;”


It needed a good scrubbing! Then he washed the rest of the MH. With the hard water here in the RGV, of course there were now water spots to be taken care of. Paul uses “The Solution” a dry wash, a waterless wash and polymer protectant to remove these spots and put on a protective coating. You can read about it here:


Often, Paul uses this product without a bucket of water, but when the MH is unusually dirty, as it was today, Paul washes with soap and water first. It's nice because you can clean a small area at a time. Simply spray on and wipe off with a clean cloth.


No, Paul is not in business selling this product....simply sharing what he found works pretty well.

While Paul was risking life and limb on the roof, Marsha was working on her “new hobby” basket weaving using pine needles. She is enjoying it so far......we'll see how she reacts when her first basket comes out looking like something the cat drug in.....ha ha!! That's only a joke dear! Marsha is pretty much a perfectionist, so I am sure it will turn out beautiful!!!!!!! Love you, dear :=) He will pay later!


After cleaning up, we drove into McAllen to do a little shopping. Marsha wanted to stop at Sears, which is at the Mall. You would not believe the crowd. It was more crowded than a typical mall at Christmas time. We couldn't get over it. We just kept saying, “This is unbelievable.” Every store, every kiosk, and the mall isles were packed! Texas has to be loving this economic boost (especially with nearly a 9% sales income tax though).

Saturday, February 12 – Gotta' finish waxing the motor home today. Paul did most of the MH cleaning project yesterday, but ran out of time and energy before finishing. So up on the roof with wax and rags to put on a good coat of wax to protect the “lid” from Mother Nature. He then had one side to finish, and the job was done. One thing he failed to mention, about The Solution, is that it can be used on painted surfaces, chrome, rubber, plastic, and even glass. So, Paul “does windows” too! Of course, everyone walking by, asks him to do their rig next....Ha Ha! There are crews that come through the park washing RV's, but he actually enjoys working rather than sitting.....crazy huh!

After finishing the wash and wax, Paul had time to install wasp screens over the furnace vents. If you've read the blog in the past, you'll remember he had to clean out mud dabber nests this fall. He should have installed these screens long ago but put it off. Now those wasps will have to find somewhere else to leave their mud nests.


Marsha was busy cleaning the inside of the “house” while I was working on the outside. She had the radio on so she wouldn't hear the “thump” if I fell off the roof!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!