Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wednesday, May 19 – Computer internet is working pretty slow here at the beach. Last night it became almost impossible to get anything to load. Might have been an issue with the stormy weather in the area????? In the morning it usually works great....evenings not so good. Must have something to do with the high speed EVDO and the number of people using it.

Awoke to a beautiful day, after last evenings thunder storms, 71 degrees but 83% humidity.....skicky! We are spending the day at the beach......maybe?? I'm a little burned and might come back and do some jobs around the MH. Boy, the Gulf water is sure warm. The shores are very gradual when walking into the water. You can be out several hundred yards and the water is only waist deep. We came back to the MH for a little break and some lunch. 87 degrees outside and beautiful. I better wear a shirt the rest on the day.....burny, burny! We returned to the beach and took a long walk then read and enjoyed the HOT SUN for an hour or so. That's enough, I'm medium rare with a charred crust.....LOL Time for a shower and a field trip to town.

Darn Bella almost got away from us today! She did a really weird thing. Marsha unhooked her from her leash to untangle her. As soon as she was unhooked she bolted. She ran up the beach toward the MH. She darted across the street toward the alligator infested grassy area. We both yelled for a panic! Marsha bribed her with the offer of a treat and she stopped in front of the MH. Did she just want to go in the MH or was she going crazy???????? Scary!

We took a drive to Bay St. Louis “downtown” area. It is a very small area and still in a BIG renovation stage. We did see some very nice buildings.

The Courthouse. For some reason, the U’s look like Vs…very strange.


Our Lady of the Gulf. It is the 5th oldest Catholic Church in Mississippi. It was built in 1847.


We drove along the beach highway in Waveland, MS. WOW! Kind of sad and depressing. Most of this area is still barren from Katrina. Even the street is sand!


Many properties are for sale. I had just said to Marsha...”I wonder what these properties sell for” when we saw THIS SIGN..


For this…


It seems most of the rebuilding is through government grants, so the towns getting the most grant money are rebuilding and those not receiving much are struggling.

The houses that have be rebuilt are on HIGH pylons.




We saw miles of containment buoys and crews of HAZMET personnel checking for oil. The same crews that were “pre-cleaning” the beaches in anticipation of oil coming ashore, were working on the beaches up near Gulfport. They are holding community meetings this Saturday at two area casinos concerning the possibility of oil coming ashore. Hope that doesn't mean this area is in for trouble.

We also saw more frequent fly-overs by helicopters and airplanes. They fly right along the coast...pretty low too! Two swamp style boats have been running up and down the shoreline too. Something is definitely happening!


“DRILL BABY DRILL”...........yeah right!

Going to visit the other casino in town......Hollywood (Hurray for....). Not much cheering at this casino. We are not big/experienced gamblers, but could easily see the payouts here were not near as frequent or as big as at the Silver Slipper Casino where we are staying. So we said “Goodbye to Hollywood” and headed home early to watch American Idol.

Thursday, May 20 – Marsha is so excited to see “Cowboy” get kicked off Idol last night. She has nicknames for all the contestant on Idol and Dancing With The Stars. She wants “Pussycat” to win on Dancing.

At the beach all morning. A tractor groomed the beach this morning. The sand is like fluffy flour.....looks really nice. Guess they are getting it ready for the weekend crowd. It certainly isn't crowded now. We are almost the only people on the beach!

This panorama shot is taken with our new camera.


While we were walking, we came across this little critter. Don’t worry…it was dead.


Checked the batteries in the MH for water. Needed to add about a half gallon. Could be a lot of evaporation going on in this heat!

Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back again.