Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr IT's COLD IN HOUSTON!!!!!

Wednesday, December 7 –  With the temperatures dipping to the low 30's overnight and the daytime temperatures struggling to get over 50 degrees, it's time to break out the Vanguard Blue Flame propane heater. We store this in the basement of the motor home during the warmer times of the year.


We run the overhead electric heat pump (part of our air conditioner) when we can, but once the temperatures drop below 40* it isn't very efficient. We prefer the electric heater because here at the Elks Lodge the electric service is figured into you $325 monthly rent. FREE electric!!!

This is how Paul and Bella stay warm in the morning. (Taken before we hooked up the Blue Flame heater).

RV furnaces are very inefficient and don't really put our enough heat. I've heard of RV'ers going through a whole tank of propane in a matter of days using the RV furnace. Our Blue Flame heater is VERY efficient. I think we only filled our propane tank twice last winter (of course we try to stay where temperatures don't drop too low).

These Blue Flame heaters are ventless, so one must be aware of the danger of fumes. It is recommended you crack open a window when using the ventless heaters. As a rule, we NEVER sleep with the ventless heater running. Paul is an early riser, so he turns it on in the morning before Marsha get out of bed. It's nice and toasty by the time Marsha is ready to greet the world.

If you're an RV'er and haven't check out the Blue Flame heaters, we recommend them and suggest to check them out as an economical alternative to the typical RV furnace.

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Tuesday, December 6 – Well the darn cold air from California has hit us. It is suppose to get down to 38 tonight.

As you can see, it is cold in places where it should be warm and warm in some places that shouldn't be enjoying our warmth.

We spent Marsha's last Saturday here with our daughter, Carrie. The girls spent a couple of hours decorating the house. Carrie has a HUGE Christmas Extravaganza this coming Saturday.


Two of Carrie's Christmas packages were too big for Marsha to take back to Ohio, so we celebrated an abbreviated "gift opening" celebration. Boy was Carrie surprised this year. Her first gift was from Paul.


What is that she is holding? A Virginia Tech Hokie Bird. It is a wind spinner. Here is a close up.


Her second gift was a real surprise to her.


She has asked several times for a Kitchen Aid mixer but knew it was too expensive a gift. BUT…when we were in Foley, AL, they have a great outlet mall. One of the stores is Kitchen Collection. They carry Kitchen Aid refurbished commercial mixers. They were only used once in a kitchen demonstration and then sent back to the factory for refurbishing.  Well, if we were ever going to get one for her, it had to be now. The price was very good; the result PRICELESS!

Saturday evening we watched the Hokies play one of the most miserable games we have ever seen them play. Oh how painful it was to watch Clemson run all over them. VT was differently out coached!

After the loss, VT dropped from 5th to 11th in the BSC standing. Now here is the BIGGEST shocker of them all. Virginia Tech was picked to play in the Sugar Bowl against Michigan on January 3. When they made the announcement on ESPN, needless to say, a couple of the announcers were not very happy. Several higher ranked teams were overlooked. We can only speculate why they got chosen, but we are thrilled they did. They better not blow it this time!

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