Monday, April 30, 2012


April 29 – Marsha arrived home (Las Vegas) last night but not without experiencing the “joys of air travel.” The first leg of her flight was delayed in Akron/Canton, OH, by about 30 minutes, putting reaching her Denver connecting flight in jeopardy.

She flew Frontier. This was her pilot.

The site below.

Upon arriving in Denver she only had a few minutes to run the length of the terminal to the gate for her next flight. Upon arriving at the gate, she found this flight too was delayed. Well, at least she didn't miss the flight!

Her pilot for this trip.

Marsha was able to get some great mountain pictures out of the airplane windows. Look at all the snow in the mountains between Denver and Las Vegas.



Just gorgeous.


After finally arriving in Las Vegas, passengers were notified to remain in there seats due to a medical emergency. A passenger had passed out during the flight, and an EMS crew would have to help remove him from the plane before anyone could disembark. No word on how the passenger was medically. Eventually, we were united and made the short drive back to Boulder City and the motorhome at the Elks Lodge.

We had some excitement in the sky over the Elks Lodge this morning. First event was a flyover by six military helicopters. They were heading in the direction of the Hoover Dam. How neat would that be to see them flyover the dam.


The next surprise was skydivers parachuting just to the SE of the campground. This goes on several time a week. There must be a jump club at the nearby general aviation airport.



On Marsha's last day in Ohio, she spent a wonderful afternoon having lunch with her dad, his sister, Lois, cousin Phyllis and friend Dini. This picture is for Phyllis. She said she had never had her picture in a blog.

L-R: Dad, Marsha, Dini, Phyllis, Aunt Lois.lunch-with-aunt-lois

A couple of happy pictures from Marsha last night in Ohio. The family went to a local winery.



Marsha brought back a souvenir from Ohio. Her brother, Rod and his wife, Katie, found this neat beer holder emblazoned with the Cleveland Indian Logo. Cool.


Update on the Tribe…They end April in FIRST place in the Central Division of the American League. GOOOOOO Tribe!

Our next blog will be about our visit to downtown Las Vegas and the Strip. Come on back and see if the slogan, “What goes to Vegas, stays in Vegas,” is true!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.