Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Wednesday, May 29 – Paul took a few minutes to remove a metal awning from over the front porch – another eye soar taken care of. He was surprised it didn't blow-off because it was only held on by four screws. Pretty flimsy ordeal to say the least.


no awning

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary! Last year we dined on the Oregon Coast to celebrate. This year we visited beautiful downtown Canton, Ohio. We had drinks at a new place recommended by Marsha's hair dresser called Basil's. The drinks were delicious, and the price just right. We moved on to another new place, Sheri's at Shears. Marsha was texting with Carrie when we arrived and told her where we were. By the time we got into the lounge area, took a seat and began to order our first drink, the bartender asked us what we were having for diner. We said only drinks, but the waitress came up and said, "No, you Weavers are going to have diner." We just looked at her like she was nuts! And how did she know our name? Putting two and two together we were told Carrie had called in, and she and Kelly were treating us to dinner and drinks. WOW…jackpot. We had some wonderful appetizers, drinks and great conversation with the new owner. Thanks again girls for a great evening. Wonder where we'll be next year?

What the heck has Bella been up to while we are making all these improvements around the house? She has decided she wants to be a hunter when she grows up…sort of. We think she has more fun playing with her catch.

bella with chipmunck

When it runs off, she can't figure out why?
another one gets away

Oh no, she is at it again.  Don't worry Judy, she always lets them go! 
bella with munck

The End.
the end

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!