Friday, July 13, 2012


Wednesday, July 11 – ONE THOUSAND DAYS AS FULL TIMERS! Yep, today marks our thousandth day on the road – that's pretty amazing!

We ventured into the South Dakota Badlands National Park this morning. The wind is ALWAYS blowing here. Today, it wasn't too bad. They say you get use to it.....huh!


We are amazed about the location of these natural wonders. Out here in the middle of nowhere – the Badlands!


Created over millions of years from what was once a shallow ocean. The wind continues eroding these formations and in another million years they will be gone, so you better get here quick to see them!


Gorgeous colors and formations make the drive through the Badlands breathtaking.


We both said WOW when we crested a hill on a short hike at the first pull-out – Big Badland Overlook. The views continued to take our breath away on the 20-mile loop drive through the Park.

Us at Badlands

We saw Long Horn Sheep just off the road grazing on the hillside grass. What a neat animal to see.

Long Horn Sheep

Long Horn Sheep

There are numerous hikes, both long and short, available to visitors. Again, the Golden Age Passport got us into this National Park free. What a tremendous program!

After our adventure in the Park, we had to make a quick stop for a free glass of ice water at the famous Wall Drug Store in nearby Wall, SD.

Wall Drug Store

The Travelers Chapel.
The Travelers Chapel


Wonder if Marsha knows what she is sitting on?
Marsha on horse.

Now here is a woman Paul might be able to keep up with.
Paul and woman.

A refreshing glass of ice water

This is the King of Tourist Stops. It has sure grown since our last stop here 31-years ago. Amazing!

As we were driving home, this guy caught our attention.

prairie dog

Of course we had to pull in. It was a Prairie Dog ranch. But the owner was no dummy. He sold  visitors peanuts to feed the Prairie Dogs. We watched these guys for a short time.

prairie dog


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


Tuesday, July 10 – After we finished our tour of Rapid City, SD, we drove out to the Chapel in the Hills.

Chapel in the Hills

top of Chapel

The Chapel is an exact replica of the Borgund Stavkirke built about 1150 in Laerdal, Norway. Originally built as the home for the “Lutheran Vespers” radio program, the Chapel was completed in July 1969. It sits on 30 acres of mostly forest along with a Norwegian stabbur (or storehouse). The stabbur acts as a welcome center and small office. It is an authentic grass-roofed store house, built in Norway and assembled on site.


Bell tower in the foreground. Notice how the church tapers upward towards heaven.Chapel in the Hills from behind.

The Chapel is a magnificent piece of craftsmanship constructed entirely from Douglas fir.

Entrance door

Entering the church.

The beautiful simplicity of each part of the stave church is intended to reflect a deeper understanding and a holistic expression. They have a service every night of the week and on Sunday.


There are 12 hand-carved Apostles' heads around the inside of the Church.DSC08476

The small window allowed Lepers to take part in the service. Leper door

To the rear of the chapel, is a Prayer/Meditation Walk with seven religious statues and a suggested prayer topic by each one. It is located in a small canyon among the forest. A very peaceful setting for meditation and prayer.

stop 1

Come to me and rest.

Trust in God with child-like Faith.
Trust in God with child-like Faith.


God hears our prayers.

To see all the stops along the walk, please click here.

It's a beautiful Chapel and a must see if in the Rapid City, SD, area.

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