Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Monday, December 7 – Got up to take the MH in for generator service. We need to get ready for boondocking in Quartszite after the holidays. We'll need the generator because there are no hookups when boondocking. The generator gives us electricity. They changed the oil, filters, and tried to solve a stalling problem that I've recently experienced. They were unable to diagnose the stalling problem. So now I have to visit another repair shop. Dag Blast it! Enough repairs all ready! We expected some maintenance issues buying a used MH, but I would sure like to put them behind us!
While we waited ALL day, we decided to have breakfast at a local place downtown called The Whistle Stop. We had an excellent breakfast for little money. It was as Marsha puts it….A cute little place. It was a “good old boy” place. We were amused by the decorations.



In Livingston their motto is “Get Hooked on Livingston.” It appears they also got hooked on Santa!

We even found a catch that our good friend, Red Burgess, would be proud to display in his house…….LOL Love ya, Red!

Tuesday, December 8 – Yesterday was MH maintenance, today it’s Paul’s maintenance. Got an appointment in Houston for the doctor to read the results of my MRI exam last week. Anxious to hear what he has to say.

Results are in. The procedure that Dr. Wimberely has recommended is…Selective Nerve Root and Epidural Steroid, bilateral. These are similar to the epidural shots I had back in July, but they do it under fluoroscope x-ray  and inject the steroid directly into the area of the spine that it causing me trouble (L4/L5). It will paralyze the nerve so that I do not feel the pain. With a little luck, the doctor says this may give me relief for a couple years. I can have up to four injections. Let’s all hope I only need this one. Eventually, I will need spinal fusion....jeesh!