Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Saturday, March 10We ventured to downtown Tucson today. Our first stop was the Tucson Farmers' Market at Maynards located at the old Railroad Station. Before we went around back to see all the local products, we had to stop in the old Southern Pacific Railroad Station that now houses Maynards.


The old RR waiting room…just lovely.

Maynards Market & Kitchen have established the first downtown market, and paired it with a restaurant and bar. Maynards Market is proud to stock locally-sourced products, and boasts downtown Tucson’s best wine store. We couldn't pass up the Blueberry Muffin for Paul and Lemon Bar for Marsha. They were DEEEE LIOUS!


With that out of the way, we went to the plaza area and enjoyed the Farmer's Market. The Market  boasts all local and fresh produce, cottage goods and ready-made foods from Maynard’s Market.

Paul enjoying a cup of Cowboy Joe coffee.3-paul-buying-coffee

Big Skye Bakers has some delicious-looking pastries. Marsha bought one of the items in front of the lady. It was a pastry with grilled onions, peppers and ANCHOVIES. She said it was awesome.


We made several other purchases which helped contribute to the local economy.

Across the street from the Market is Hotel Congress. It became famous in 1934 when members of John Dillinger's gang rented rooms.


The interior is beautiful.7-inside

One of three bars.

Since we were downtown, we decided to do a modified version of their historical walking tour of downtown Tucson AKA The Presidio Trail.

Pima County Courthouse was built in 1929 in the Spanish colonial Revival style.



We walked quiet a bit of the downtown area. With a blue line drawn on the walkway and numbers corresponding to the map, they do a great job of leading visitors to each stop.

We then took a ride around the old historic Adobe style homes and buildings. A pretty nice historic district but signs of further improvement on the way.

We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine for the remainder of the afternoon.  Marsha enjoyed her free time by working on yet another pine needle basket. Paul enjoyed a well-deserved nap.  We relaxed away the afternoon anticipating a trip to the mountains as evening approached to view the sunset from the famous Tucson overlook, Gates Pass. It's only a short 30 minute drive up the backside of Tucson Mountain to the pass and overlook. The parking lot was getting full when we arrived.

We have been told not to miss the sunsets at Gates Pass. We found this on the Internet…Gates Pass is one of the most dangerous areas to drive around Tucson. The road is narrow and winds around the edge of a large mountain with just a few feet space between the edge of the road and a deep drop off to the valley below. Because of this driving danger, Gates Pass is not open to commercial and large vehicles over 40-50 feet long.

Anyone who consider driving a 30 foot vehicle along this road is NUTS! There are warning signs all along the road warning NOT to drive RVs or trucks on the road.


We arrived around 6:30, and found a nice spot to enjoy the sunset and watch a WEDDING taking place here in the mountains. A young couple and their small wedding party were exchanging vows here in the mountains. Pretty neat!

As the minister or justice of the peace finished her ceremony and the bride and groom sealed it with a kiss, the many people waiting here on the mountain pass let out a cheer and applause....cute! The young couple gave an appreciative wave to the crowd and headed over to a nearby shelter for a champagne toast.


The sunset was amazingly beautiful.

A look from afar.

Up close and personal.

Another wonderful day in Tucson.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!