Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tuesday, May 25 – We went to the Garden District this morning. This area is the location of many of the historical homes. New Orleans Garden District was settled in the 1850’s by successful entrepreneurs — the “nouveau riche” of that time. They built large, elegant mansions exemplifying many architectural styles, including Greek Revival, Italianate and Queen Anne Victorians.

This is the former house of Archie manning and childhood home of Peyton Manning.


Victorian style home are typical of those popular in Uptown New Orleans at the end of the 19th century.


This house belong to Colonel Short during the Civil war.


We walked and walked and then walked some more. Marsha took so many pictures that she will do a special blog once we get back to Ohio.

We did stop in a neighborhood shop, Magazine Po-Boy Shop, for a soda but ended up eating breakfast. The menu is written on a giant blackboard and seems to offer any variety of po-boy one could possibly want. They had two floors with tables. It was a very nice place.



Then we walked and walked and then we walked some more. We saw 3841 houses....all of them historic.....Marsha loves these old houses! We also stopped at another of the historic grave yard, Lafayette Cemetery #1, and looked around.



We actually saw our first Lutheran Church, Zion Lutheran Church, since leaving Texas. They are few and far between. Marsha had to jump out of the car an take pictures.



After returning to the car we drove over to the 9th Ward. This is the location of the most severe flooding from Katrina. There remains an unbelievable amount of damage. Many of these homes will have to be torn down.




There are numerous homes that have been cleaned up and have people living in them.


It kept going through my mind....these people had a pretty tough life prior to Katrina and had very little.....after Katrina they had nothing! I (Paul) assume not having insurance, the city will eventually step in and tear what remains down.

Contrast of a house fixed up next to a house that hasn’t had anything done to it.


We returned to our campsite and Marsha did some laundry....the machines are free! I relaxed. We had another brief thunderstorm that chased Paul into the MH.

We also saw they have drive-in daiquiri stands along the road. You just drive up, order your drink, and go on down the road drinking it. We've been told it's legal because they don't have “open container” laws. Not sure about the accuracy of that but we had to try one. Paul got a Strawberry Daiquiri and Marsha got Mardi Gras Mash. Ummmm...pretty good! Marsha's tasted the best!


We thought this was funny to see a daiquiri sign next to a Wendy’s and Subway.


Thanks for stopping by. See y’all soon.