Thursday, October 27, 2011


Wednesday, October 26 – After a nice three hour drive, we arrived in Bay St. Louis, MS. We are staying at the Silver Slipper Casino Campground. They now call it Beachfront RV Park. We've stayed here in the past. It is located right across the street from the beach. We are approximately 150 feet from the water.



Looking at the rest of the park. Not too many here yet but Earl, Security Guard, told us they are filling up for the weekend.

Our trip through downtown Mobile was uneventful. Paul was a little nervous remembering the tunnel under Mobile Bay that we had to travel. Guess he's getting more confident driving the MH in traffic and through tunnels. He commented that it was easy.



We did have a minor scare. Our GPS directed us down a road toward our final destination when suddenly Paul went crazy. There was a railroad crossing directly in front of us that was impassable.


We would have definitely dragged bottom and probably gotten stuck. Look what happened to others who tried.


We should have known trouble was ahead when we saw this sign.

We stopped and unhooked our car. We backed into a nearby fire station to turn around. A neighbor lady came out and said that crossing has been the scene of many mishaps. Trucks get grounded there frequently, she informed us. They have to block the road, stop trains, and tow the trucks off the tracks.  YIKES!!!

So after turning around, we backtracked to the main road and found the correct route to the campground. Be aware of those GPS directions and be prepared!

After setting up at the campground, we walked across the street to the beach and enjoyed the sun for a few hours.


We have the beach to ourselves.

There actually were people here at some time or other. During our walk, we passed this cute "sand fort." Can you see the little guns sticking up in the middle of the fort? Good imagination!

Marsha is standing where the water begins. Look how far out the tide is. Can you see Paul?

As we walked in the water we saw tons of bait fish. It was a hoot to watch them swim away from us. Some were in such a hurry, they jumped out of the water.

One observation. We are only about 150 miles west of Gulf Shores in Foley, AL. Here in Bay St. Louis, MS the water of the Gulf of Mexico is much warmer. We easily walked into the water and even mentioned we would be able to go swimming. It's not as warm as it is in July, but one could comfortably go in without freezing. Maybe Paul will give it a try later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!