Monday, September 28, 2015


Saturday, September 26 –  We spent another day chilling out in 90+ temperatures at the beach today. A little reading, walking on the beach and relaxing. The waves were really HUGE here at Hobe Sound, Florida.

Hobe Sound Beach

There were numerous fisherman trying to hook a Tarpon or some Blue Fish. We saw one guy get a Tarpon on line, and man was it jumping out of the water. It appeared to be 4-5' long. The fisherman was hootin' & howlerin' buy unfortunately lost it. He didn't seemed too upset. He just enjoyed the thrill for a few minutes.

Lots of fishermen this morning.DSC04045

Lots of paddle boarders.
Hobe Sound Beach

After a pretty long walk on the beach, Paul decided to head into the water to cool off. As mentioned above the waves were really pounding ashore. He was careful not to go out too far, but before he knew it a big wave knocked him on his fanny, and the undertow wanted him to head deeper. YIKES!

Can you see Paul’s head?
Hobe Beach

To make things worse, Paul reported that when the huge wave hit him it nearly took his swimming trunks off. Before he could try to stand up he had to get himself presentable.

Here he is trying to stand up. Good grief. Marsha thought
she was going to have to go out and haul him in.
Hobe Beach

Fortunately, things worked out and Paul survived. He walked out of the ocean huffing & puffing but no worse for wear. He really wasn't in any real trouble, but he wasn't going back in those waves. After returning to his chair, we noticed there were no other swimmers in the water except several surfers. Guess that's what that red flag and purple flags flying at the beach headquarters meant. :-)

We had a great time at the beach but four hours in the heat was enough for us. Again, the weather has been great but temperatures in the 90's coupled with very high humidity force you to seek out air conditioning eventually.


Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. have a great day!