Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sunday, August 12 – We spent today on a sailboat! Our first ever sailboat adventure.


Our daughter, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Dave spend many summer weekends on the sailboat that Dave's parents own on nearby Atwood Lake. They invited us to spend today with them on their boat.

Our First Mate, Jackie, took us out to sea with Captain, Dave, looking on.DSC09775

We began our day with a short tour of the Atwood Lake Yacht Club. What an impressive place. They have a swimming pool, restaurant, and tavern. They even brew their own beer in their micro-brewery.



We then walked down to the docks to see the sailboats and meet up with Dave's parents – Dave Sr. and Jackie. They have a beautiful 30 foot sailboat. We don't know a thing about sailboats, but we sure thought it was a pretty nice boat.

Take special note of the sign men.


The DiCato's sailboat named the Unless. (Long story on the name.)


The Club was having a race this afternoon, but we were not involved. This was just a pleasure trip.

The race is on.

We used the motor to move out of the dock area and into the main lake. Then it was time to set the sails and catch the wind. How cool.

Everyone chips in to make a very smooth ride.

We got moving pretty fast and even leaned the boat into the wind. Pretty interesting. Marsha wanted nothing to do with the boat tipping – she got down on the floor (or is that the deck....LOL)

marsha on floor

After several hours on the lake, we headed back to the docks. The yacht race was ending, so we decided to head for the Clubhouse and enjoy the captains' bragging about their boats and consume a few beverages with the crews.

The lake is lovely.

front of boat

Dave and Kelly
Dave and Kelly

Thanks Dave and Jackie. It was a great day on the lake, and we sure enjoyed our first sailboat experience. Now if we could just sell our motor home, we could sail the Great Lakes in our new sailboat...ha ha!

us sailing

Our sign for the day.
sign for the day

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!