Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Tuesday, September 10 – Again this morning we had a downpour (over 1.60 inches in two days). It finally stopped around 1:00 p.m., so we “hit the road.” We checked into hiking but the rangers were advising hikers to stay out of the canyons and off slick rock because of possible flash floods and the risk of falling on slippery rock. Most of the trails we are interested in hiking have been closed by the forest service. The following are from the Arches and Canyonlands websites…

Scenic Drive: open
Elephant Hill Access Road: closed…Where we begin our needles hike.
Colorado River Overlook: closed
Elephant Hill: impassable due to flood damage
Lavender Canyon: impassable due to flash flooding and quick sand
Davis Canyon: impassable due to flash flooding and quick sand
Salt Creek/Horse Canyon: impassable due to flash flooding, quicksand and cut banks

Wolfe Ranch/Delicate Arch and Salt Valley roads are closed due to flash flooding. Willow Flats 4X4 road is impassable. The roads will remained closed through the end of day 9/11/13.

There were many other warnings, so we took a ride through the La Sal Mountains and Forest and down the canyon along the Colorado River.

LaSal mt sign

la sal mts

Moab waaaaay below.
moab below

It was further than we thought (over 3 hours) with tons of switchbacks and some pretty steep grades.


We were surprised to see so many cabins located in the mountains. They sure must like their solitude.



We found a little friend.
mule deer

The return trip along the Colorado River is very beautiful. We sure love the red rock cliffs.

along Colorado River

along Colorado River

We also stopped along the way at the Red Cliffs Lodge and neighboring Castle Creek Winery. The Lodge is gorgeous! It would sure be an amazing place to stay or hold a wedding. What a wonderful setting among the red cliffs.

Red Cliffs Lodge
Red Cliffs Lodge

The winery was fun as usual. Free tasting, so we took advantage and sampled several of their wines. Marsha purchased a couple bottles for next summer's wine tasting party with family. She loves parties!



Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!