Sunday, October 31, 2010


Saturday, October 30 – We took a ride up to Ingram to see Stonhenge II. It is a replica of the famous megalith in Salisbury Plain, England.



It is 60% as tall as the original and 90% as large in circumference. Along with the replica of Stonehenge, there are two Easter Island-type statues.

Paul always the funny guy.


Unfortunately, the Stonehenge is in a state of's falling down. There is a donation box trying to collect the necessary money to save it. They need $50,000 and are at the $30,000 mark. If you are going to see it, you better hurry.


About a half mile down TX-39 from the Stonehenge is a really cool shop....Copper Cactus.


The yard is full of cooper art from Mexico.





There are three buildings full of hand made jewelry, Indian blankets, furniture and other western style art. Sherri and Jay own the building and most of the items in the three building are originals that Sherri and Jay made. This is a really neat stop!

We rode home on TX-16 between Kerrville and Medina. There are warning for trucks and RV's of steep windy roads.....a warning well heeded! It is a beautiful ride through the country, but DON'T take your RV this way!


This looks straight but don’t kid yourself. All we saw were signs with S shapes on them.


We took Bella on the river walk. No not in San Antonio....the Medina River runs next to the campground, so we took her down there so she could explore.

The water is so clear. You can’t even see it in the pictures just some ripples.


Bella had a real long drink.


Now for Paul. He didn’t know Marsha was watching as he attempts to across a log.





He acted like he crossed the Grand Canyon. In reality, if his foot would have hit the water it wouldn’t have gone high enough to wet his sock. Such an adventurous man!

So many deer in the RV Park. They come right outside the MH to eat.

It starts with two and then…


it multiples.


Sunday, October 31 – Happy Halloween!  We attended the 8:30 a.m. service at Bandera United Methodist Church. It was Youth Sunday. Now, we enjoy seeing the youth involved in the service but this was a very different service. The youth conducted the entire service which would have been fine if we could have heard at least a tenth of what they said. We don’t think any practice every occurred and no one knew how to fix the speaker system. It was very unorganized. Unfortunately, one gentleman actually got up and walked out. We have no idea who the ministry is, his name wasn’t even in the bulletin. Not one of our better worship experiences.

What a rare day for us…we didn’t do a thing! Paul got the motor home ready for traveling tomorrow; Marsha doesn’t really know what she did all day. Oh, she says she talked to her dad and her Aunt Johanne…what a BIG day she had.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you again real soon. Have a great day!