Monday, January 3, 2011


Saturday, January 1 – HAPPY NEW YEAR…WELCOME WINTER TEXANS!!! That's what the marquees say all over town. The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) loves the people that spend their winters here, and of course the money they bring to the community. We're staying on a friend’s lot in Leisure Valley Ranch.


The RGV is located in the Tropics with a location equal to about Tampa or Miami, Florida in closeness to the Equator. The weather has been gorgeous with highs in the 80's. The only complaint people have is the breeze. So far it has not been really windy, just a comfortable breeze. Hope that lasts!

Bella enjoying the warm day on a clean car. She always finds the strangest places to sun herself.


This is not really a campground....more like a neighborhood made-up of beautiful brick homes, park model trailers, double-wide trailers, 5th wheel trailers, travel trailers, and motor homes.


There are over 300 sites in the park. All the streets are paved, and the sights are all concrete pads with beautiful landscaping. This is a gated community and a 55+ neighborhood (Meaning you have to be at least 55 years old to live here).

Our site is located on Double Eagle Drive.


Looking down our road.


It is a good example of the mixture of RV's. There are no houses in this area....those are mostly located around the 27-hole golf course.


These golf-course homes are beautiful and many exceed $200,000. It was enjoyable to see homes still being built in these tough economic times.



The golf course is one of the few in the area with grass.


Aren't the palm trees on the golf course wonderful.


Look what Paul picked off the neighbor's tree.


There are delicious oranges, grapefruit, huge lemons, and tasty limes. Many people have such an abundance of citrus that they set baskets full at the street to share with others.....AWESOME!!!

More about the “Campground” in our next post.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you back real soon. Have a great day!