Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Wednesday, July 18 – We are camped at Rupert's Resort in Bremen, IN. Guess we have this “Resort” issue figured out. In the Midwest, if it says “resort”, it is because they have camping, boating, fishing and swimming. At least that's the similarity of the last two “resorts” we've camped at (LOL). Actually, this is a very nice stop. Nothing fancy. Grass sites, gravel roads, but we are in a nice secluded spot, 50 amp electric, water, and a shade tree.

Site A
Site A

Our site is HUGE. Marsha is standing at the back of our site. Never had anything this big before.

Site A

Looking right.
Looking right

Looking left.
Looking left.

The Lake of the Woods is a really nice big lake. There are boaters, swimmers, and tubers all enjoying the beautiful weather.


We saw some wildlife on the water too.

We stopped here to hook-up with close friends Angie and Rick from Mission, TX. We are parked together on the secluded hill overlooking the lake. We'll do a little sightseeing in Indiana Amish country, but our main objective is visiting with Angie and Rick.

Even with Rick and Angie next to us, we have tons of space.
MH together

After we both got arranged in our neighboring campsites, we pulled up the lawn chairs and spent the evening catching up on each others lives since we last saw each other back in February. Angie and Rick have been full-timing for a long time and enjoyed hearing about our travels as we did theirs.

Rick, Angie and Paul.
Rick, Angie and Paul

While we were enjoying our visit, we saw two fawns with their mother in the field across from us.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!