Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Tuesday, June 5 – We drove North on Oregon-101 to the Elks Lodge Wapita Campground in Lincoln City, Oregon. The Elks own a 40-site campground (Wapita CG). A very nice rural setting located on the Southside of town. We are in Site 31, having moved from site 34 after being unable to get satellite reception in the previous site. We have 30 amp electric service and water. There is a dump station we will use to dump our holding tanks upon departure. The sites and streets are gravel.

Site 31

Love all the space!
Site 31 front

Looking left.

Looking right.
looking right

Our BIG backyard.
Paul and Bella

Sun is out; life is good.
Bella and Marsha

After getting settled-in, we headed into Lincoln City, to the Elks Lodge, to pick-up our mail, which we had forwarded there. We use the Escapee mail forwarding service and are very pleased with their service. We are only a phone call and a day or two away from having our mail forwarded to us. Our mail was there and ready for us to pick-up.

We then headed South toward DePoe, Oregon. Our first stop was the Chowder Bowl for another chowder taste test. We have a new front runner! This was the best we've had so far, and we believe the least expensive.

Chowder Bowl

DePoe Bay is known as the smallest harbor in the world. It is pretty small and the channel getting there from the Pacific Ocean would be pretty troublesome in foul weather. This is one of the locations to look for whales that hang-out and feed in this area.

DePoe smallest harbor

DePoe bridge

smallest harbor

More on DePoe in our next post.

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Sunday, June 3 – We finally took time to visit Florence. It is just a small town, but a nice, clean one.


We started our walk by visiting the Sweet Magnolia Bakery. Yummy! We had coffee and a couple of delicious pastries. We try to do our part in contributing to the local economy.

Sweet Magnolia Bakery

It was (as Marsha puts it) a cute little place.
inside bakery

They have a really nice gazebo and an area where visitors can sit and enjoy the water.

water view

Art Deco 1936 Siuslaw River Bridge

A walk around Florence and talking with the locals confirms our thoughts that the residents are very proud of their town.

downtown Florence

We returned to the Umpqua Lighthouse this evening to see it at night. A suited night for it to be shining its guiding light to sea.....cold, rainy, and the waves wiping against the Umpqua River jetty. We arrived before dark and enjoyed watching the beacon's transformation from day to night.

Umpqua Lighthouse

During daylight, the beacon appears as a reflector at the top of the lighthouse, but as darkness approaches it comes to life. First you see the light inside the glass dome, then the beams of light, shining laser-like out to sea, become visible as it becomes darker. Eventually, you can see the beams shining in all directions, bouncing off the near-by trees and shining their guiding lights out to sea. I bet it's something amazing to be out on the ocean and see the lighthouse welcoming you home.

Look at the trees with the reflection of the Lighthouse lights. Like being on a carousel.DSC05391

This is the first time we've ever seen a lighthouse at night and is was a pretty neat experience. We could have used some of that “guiding-light” on our drive home up the twisting rain-soaked coastal highway. It took us a little longer, but we arrived home safe and sound!

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