Friday, March 14, 2014


Wednesday, March 14 – After we had our fill of food, vendors and animals, we headed for the Rodeo Arena. Tonight is Super Series III, an eventual purse of $50,000 going to the winner. There was bucking bronco riding, bull riding, saddle bronco riding, team roping, calf roping, chuck wagon races, a horse agility competition, calf scramble and lots more.

For $10, we don’t get to sit down front, but we saw the show just fine.field

Poor things. They just don’t know what they are in for.cattle


cattle roundup


They have a camera right above where the riders are. We got a good look down in and saw all the activity. It was really cool.

in pen

One of the neatest events of the night is the covered wagon races. The crowd goes crazy cheering on their favorite.

wagon races

wagon races

The calf scramble is interesting. Thirty teens are given the opportunity to chase 15 calves around the arena. If a teen catches a calf, he/she is awarded $1500 to buy and raise a calf for next year's Livestock Show. It is fun to watch them try to wrestle the calf back into the center circle to be declared one of the winners.

calf scramble

calf scramble

calf scramble

The rodeo is followed by a music concert EVERY night. This goes on for a three weeks, remember! Tonight's concert was country singer, Jake Owen. We decided not to stay for the concert tonight. Paul's not crazy about concerts. Marsha will be back to the rodeo Thursday night with daughter, Carrie, to attend the concert. Her favorite hottie, Adam Levine and Maroon 5, will be performing. Notice, Paul is staying home for this night. He doesn't need to see “The sexiest man in America.” He'll leave that “screaming” event for the girls!

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and we believe them. Look at the size of this skillet.


We forgot to include this in yesterday’s post. As if there aren’t enough calories in a piece of Pecan pie, you can now get it fried. Oh dear, we just gained five pounds looking at the food booth.

food booth

We jumped back on the train to retrieve the truck from Carrie's place and were home even before the concert was over. Long but enjoyable day at the Rodeo.

Houston in the background

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!