Saturday, June 9, 2012


Wednesday, June 6 – After touring the lighthouses, we continued our day with a walk along the harbor to look at many of the fishing boats and the fish packing houses along the docks.

Bay Street Pier

Newport harbor 

We saw one boathand carrying a nice size salmon along the dock for a paying customer. Not sure if it was a restaurant buyer or just a private citizen wanting fresh fish for dinner.

man with a fish

Of course, the sea lions were out sunning themselves on a couple of the docks. They sure know how to make!

Look how pretty I am.

We then strolled along the small shops in Newport Historic Bay Front.

Stuff for sale

There are quite a few restaurants serving fresh fish, touristy type shops, candy stores, and several pubs. Again, we only made a small contribution to the local Newport economy.

shops along the harbor

fresh seafood here

Many of the buildings have murals painted on the side or front.


We then drove over to Historic Nye Beach, Newport's quaint seaside village offering restaurants, boutiques, ocean-view lodging, and art galleries. This area is not as economically successful as the Bay Front shopping district. It appears more of an area for locals looking for unique area to shop.

little shops in Nye beach

This particular Gallery had some wonderful hand-carved exhibits.


Some homes along the beach along beach

With the clock finally rolling over to P.M., it was time to visit one of the Northwest's most lauded microbreweries, Rogue Ales.

Rogue Ale

It is headquartered here in Newport where the beer is brewed.  They have a restaurant that serves their beer along with several sea food dishes and a bar offering beer tasting with 40 Rogue brews on tap and a great view of the harbor.

We choose the bar for sampling 5 of their brews and sharing a Halibut and chips dinner  that was wonderful. Dad's Little Helper Black was there “beer sampler of the day,” which we received free. Our other tasters were St.Rogue Dry Red, Honey Orange, Dead Guy (their most popular seller) and our favorite Irish Lager.



They do offer daily brewery tours at 4 pm, but we choose to walk on a self-guided tour instead.

beer trail

It's pretty neat the way they have the self-guided tour set-up. We followed along a marked walkway   through the brewery on our way to and from the restaurant and bar. We weren't even sure we entered the building through the correct door at first. There we found ourselves in the middle of a working brewery. The restaurant and bar are on the second floor above the brewery.

A couple of sailors chewing the fat at the bar.DSC05567

Our favorite sign for the day.
sign for the day

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!