Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, we finally came up with a tentative departure date.....Saturday, October 17,2009. If all goes as planned (I know .... beware of plans!), we will leave Saturday morning for Crittenden, Kentucky and our first night on the road.

We've been BUSY!!! Not only moving into the motor home (Marsha sure had a lot of stuff), but getting equipment installed to convert the motor home for full-time living. Things like air-brakes on the Jeep, an air-card for the internet, internet antenna, and a service appointment to get the motor home looked over. Add to that building shelving, sanitizing the water system, and learning about all the equipment aboard. We've been working like CRAZY the last two weeks.

Now is time to relax. We plan to take 3-4 days to drive to Augusta, GA for a short visit with my brother John and his wife Delores.

Then on toward Texas to visit the girls. Our target is to be in Texas before Thanksgiving. Who's cooking the turkey?????