Friday, July 24, 2015


Sunday, July 19 – On tap for today in Dearborn, Michigan, is the Henry Ford – Greenfield Village Museum. What can we say about this well-known historical park. Marsha says awesome.......Paul says exhausting! We spent six hours on our tour, walked 5.67 miles, took 10,907 steps and 324 pictures. All in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees and high humidity. YIKES!

The Henry Ford has four attraction areas that will fill four solid days of adventure. There is the Henry Ford Museum with the Rosa Parks Bus, Kennedy Limousine, Lincoln Chair and the Driving America Exhibit. The Henry Ford IMAX Theatre with Michigan's largest 2D/3D movie screen showing one of a kind documentaries covering the drama of American People, places and historical moments. There's Greenfield Village allowing one to stroll a historical village with Model T rides, Edison's Menlo Park Lab, Firestone Farm, Henry Ford Home, Noah Webster Home, and more. And the Ford Rouge Factory Tour with the awe-inspiring sweep and action of the factory floor and the manufacture of the Ford F-150.

Each of these attractions average about $20 person with extras like the steam locomotive or rides in the Ford Model T at extra costs. We choose to visit Greenfield Village and The Ford Rouge Factory Tour.

Our first day was in the Greenfield Village. We ventured back to a mid-nineteenth century village. The people are dressed in period attire and are involved in everyday tasks as they would have at that time. This is a HUGE village with block after block of places to visit and sights to see. All these 100's of building were collected by Henry Ford and brought to this sight as a historical reminder to the people of his day. We won’t post all 324 pictures, but the following gives you just a glimpse into the Village.

Firestone and Edison were two of Ford’s best friends. Henry moved many of their historic structures to this Village.

Firestone Farm

Firestone Farm

Paul remembers rungs put together like this one in his boyhood home.
Firestone Farm

That isn’t working any more, Paul.
Firestone Farm

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison's lab

Did you know that Henry Ford was called, “America’s Number One Soybean Man”?

Henry Ford


In the Village, there is a glass blowing shop, pottery shop, cider mill, saw mill, weaving shop, gristmill, tin shop, and the list goes on and on and on.


Greenfield Village

The Roundhouse

Wright Cycle Co.

There were two school buildings on the grounds.

McGuffey Schoolhouse

Look at the unruly child in the corner tuning the teacher out. Bad boy!
McGuffey Schoolhouse

Sarah Jordan Boarding house

Sarah Jordan Boarding house

Jordan borading house

If you are willing to pay the extra $16.00, you can get around this 80 acre museum by Model T, train, Model AA bus, or by carriage. We chose the old-fashion way…walking.


There are several places to stop and enjoy an authentic 1800’s lunch or drink. We decided to stop in at the Eagle’s Tavern to quench our thirst.

Eagle Tavern

Marsha had the original Primms Cup Cocktail, and Paul chose the Mint Julep. As we enjoyed our drink, the two bartenders told us stories of different drinks that were served back in the late 1800’s. Nice relaxing time.

Eagle Tavern

A fabulous visit and one not to be missed. As stated above, plan on spending the ENTIRE day at the Village and plan on returning home EXHAUSTED.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon.