Saturday, February 23, 2013


Friday, February 21 – We met the gang this afternoon at Crazy Joe's Saloon to check out, what we were told is the best country band in the Rio Grande Valley – Country Roland Band. Thanks Gayle and Jim for the great recommendation.

crazy joe's sign

Our directions to Crazy Joe's told us to take Conway Street South toward the Mexican border. Turn left on Military Highway, and we'll see the saloon just after passing under the bridge going over the river to Mexico. Yep, we're enjoying the band right on the USA – Mexico border.

Here is where the boy's room is located.outhouse 

The crowd was made up of many bikers, Gringos, Hispanics (from Reynosa, MX), and a big group of Winter Texans, retirees enjoying the wonderful weather here in South Texas. It was an interesting and fun group of friendly people.

Country Roland Band was terrific.
The Country Roland Band

Eight of us got together and enjoyed several adult beverages, good music, Texas two-stepping, that's dancing folks, and a lot of good fun with friends. The band plays from 4-7 p.m. Marsha and I were there for most of the show. What a great time!


our group

Some were having more fun than others.
paul with angie and jane

Marsha and a group of ladies attended a Ladies' Ropa Fashion Show at a local park. Marsha had a wonderful time and wanted to share just a few pictures with mostly the ladies. You men might not get much out of the next section.

The centerpieces were so clever.


This lady is 90 and modeling night wear!

The cutest cookies were at each seat.


In our last blog we mentioned our time is winding down here in South Texas. Many readers mistakenly assumed we were heading into the COLD NORTH. No way!

From the Rio Grande Valley, we plan to visit Texas Hill Country for a couple of weeks, then on to Houston for several more weeks, including the Houston Rodeo, and from there, we will saunter along the Gulf of Mexico for some beach time.

We plan of visiting Paul's brother in Augusta, GA, some time in April and from there, eventually, turn towards Ohio. So we aren't pushing Mother Nature, regardless what that groundhog said about an early spring!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!