Friday, March 25, 2011


Monday, March 21 – We went to the Washateria this morning. Boy did Marsha have clothes to wash......been awhile since we did laundry.

Once that chore was completed, we cleaned up and went shopping for Marsha's new glasses. We had hoped to get them in Mexico this winter but Progresso, MX, did not really have the optical places like we saw in Algodones, MX, last winter. We ended up at Eye Masters which was having a buy one, get one free sale. Not sure if this is really a sale or a scam to get you to buy glasses from them. We were happy with the selection and price.

Marsha then finished her second basket. She made it for Paul to put combs, change, etc.... in on his dresser. It took her all of two days to make.......WOW!



Tuesday, March 22 -
Marsha had a doctor's appointment this morning for a check-up. On the way home, we did a little sightseeing. First stop was the giant 50 ft. Saxophone. It is made up of a Volkswagen, car parts and for good measure a couple of kegs. It is so large an entire VW is in it! YIKES!

Can you see how little Marsha looks next to it?




The next stop was the armadillo. The giant 20-ft-long stainless steel-plated armadillo (with longhorns!?!) sits outside Goode's Armadillo Palace on Kirby. His eyes glow red, and smoke pours out his nostrils. This place was packed! We weren’t hungry, but everyone says it is the place to go for BBQ.





Wednesday, March 23 - Paul scrubbed the roof of the MH this morning. It wasn't too dirty but he wanted to do it now so he could check any needed caulking before heading into rainy areas this summer. Everything looked in good shape up there! Of course since all that dirty soapy water ran down over the MH he had to wash the entire thing.

He also “equalized” the batteries. This is a new procedure for him and with the help from one of the neighbors he did it for the the first time. This is something that should be done occasionally, so he added it to his maintenance list. After equalizing, he topped off the water and cleaned up the batteries and storage compartment with baking soda and plenty of water.

Thursday, March 24 - Paul cut out more basket bottoms this morning. This is kind of a “redo” of the ones he cut out for Marsha a month ago in Mission, TX. At that time, she wanted the holes – thousands of them – drilled pretty close together. Now she wants them farther apart.....I guess ladies are allowed to change their minds......LOL

We've experienced an internet issue lately. A fellow parked here at the Elks mentioned to Paul the other day that he has a computer program capable of breaking into secured internet sites. He bragged about knowing our security codes. We also noticed that our Verizon usage has recently spiked, setting records for usage that we never experienced before. So we've shut down our Verizon air card and are using the SLOW WIFI available through the Elks Lodge.

The Elks Lodge is filled to capacity tonight. There is even a MH from Alaska parked in the gravel on the one side of us! On our other side is a couple from NC that are returning from spending the winter in Mexico. They spend every winter in Southern Mexico and are quite the fishermen....some great pictures of really BIG fish. The interesting thing about meeting them is their cat. It is a 30 pound Bengal Cat (that's right....30 lbs.). It is amazingly beautiful. It does tricks like a dog. It shakes hands, begs, rolls over, and sits up! Instead of fur it has a pelt like a beaver or other wild animal. It is only eight generations removed from the wild with dark green searching eyes. Beautiful!

We had an impromptu Happy Hour on our patio this evening. People just sort of settled around to tell stories of their days on the road. We sat out and talked until dark, and as the air began to cool we headed to our respective homes. It was an enjoyable evening with a group of new friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day.