Friday, October 28, 2011


Thursday, October 27 – Soaking up more sun on the beach! We tried to get Bella (our cat) to give it a try.....nothing doing! She was scared to death and wanted to go back home...NOW! She prefers to sit in the window of the MH and watch the ocean from there.....scare-dee cat!

She wasn't sure of the sand.

This is the closest we could get her to the

We had a friend that joined us for most of the day. He entertained us with a dance every so often.

We try to sample local cuisine in the different areas we visit, so while at the beach we decided to go out for a local fish dinner. Marsha Googled for the best seafood restaurants in Bay St. Louis, and we chose CUZ'S Seafood Restaurant. This is a family owned establishment. They specialize in fresh fish, shrimp, crawfish, crabs, oysters, gumbo, and over-stuffed po'boys. Paul had the Trout basket, and Marsha enjoyed the Shrimp basket. Both were delicious.


Friday, October 28 – With the sun coming up over the water,


it appeared to be another gorgeous day.


Hold on…what is this? Threating skies?

Fine, we will make the best of it. So what does one do on an overcast day…clean pine needles, of course.

We cleaned 2,000 pine needles just in a short hour and half. Although we cleaned 6,600 needles. Now each pine needle actually contains three needles. So Marsha has some 21,000 needles at an average of 16" each to make her future baskets. She is in heaven…but…she now has to wash them all and let them dry for at least two months. Wonder if she can hold out?

We took another ride today along the water to see how progress is going after the last hurricane and the big tropical storm they had last month. Looks like they are getting some of the beaches back in shape.


Yesterday we saw a little restaurant called da Little CafĂ©. It claims to have New Orleans style Beignets. We said, "What the heck let's give it a shot." WOW…they are in every way as good and just MAYBE better than the ones we had at the famous Cafe Du Monde in the French Market. We each had one of their loaded hot dogs…excellent!


Since this is our last day in Bay St. Louis, we decided to see if we could break even on our initial investment of $20 each at the casino. Our final total…Marsha $31.73; Paul $1.67. Not too bad for three days of sun and fun!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see ya'll back real soon. Have a great day!