Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Thursday, August 28 – Our preparations for departure at the end of the month are keeping us busy. Paul's moving his tools, the generator, clothes, and his other belongings from the house to the RV. Marsha is getting the kitchen back to normal and moving her belongings to the RV, as well.

We try to have duplicates of most items so moving isn't necessary, but there are some things just too expensive to afford doubles.

Then we both have hobby material to load. Marsha has multiple hobbies requiring more loading…..ha ha!

Paul installed the tire pressure monitor system this evening. He purchased additional sensors for the Pressure Pro monitor system from a fellow Escapee. Paul posted a notice on the Escapee Forum and an acquaintance we met in Quartzsite back in 2010, contacted him with a Pressure Pro for sale. Paul received the unit in the mail today and installed it this evening. Now all 10 tires of the truck and RV have tire pressure monitors. That's a good thing!

Most of the jobs to close up the house are completed or on schedule for an end of the week departure. We've got several family members frequently checking the house for problems, neighbors will watch for moving vans removing all our belongings, and the local police will check for unsavory visitors on every shift (That's 3-times per day...WOW!).

Our last adventure before pulling out is our traditional visit to the Stark County Fair this Thursday, August 29. We're meeting Marsha's dad at the hog barn (How many of you have had an appointment like that.... :-) ) and will spend most of the day at the fair. This is pretty much an annual event when we're in Ohio. 

So it won't be long till we hitch up and head West. Stop back and travel with us!

One last big event happened in Marsha's family. Her brother, Mark, 55, got married for the first time. He has been dating Christina for the past four years. They got married a few weeks ago. Marsha's dad was his best man. Marsha's brothers and sister had a big party for them this past Sunday. Congratulations to Mark and welcome to the family Christina.

mark and christina

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!