Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Monday, June 27 - Hot Springs National Park is essentially America's first national park. The beauty of this unique city is matched by a colorful history featuring some of the most iconic figures the country has ever known. The naturally thermal spring waters that flowed into the bathhouses were believed to have healing properties which is why presidents, outlaws, athletes and other celebrities visited the Spa City.

The Public Health Service operated a venereal disease clinic in the Government Free Bathhouse (1922-1948) in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. It was one of the first facilities in the United States to use penicillin. In 1948, the clinic transferred to the nearby Camp Garraday Transient Camp.

We wondered if the hot springs were really that hot.



Guess we got our answer.

After walking through many of the small tourist shops downtown, we jumped in the car to drive the one-way road up the mountain in Hot Springs National Park. This is a magnificent drive. You climb to the top of the mountain on a paved serpentine road with multiple pull-outs for viewing.



At the top of the mountain, is a viewing tower if you wish to pay for a different view of the surrounding area. We passed on this one.


This area is also criss-crossed with many hiking paths. We're considering hiking one of these very hilly trails but may renege due to the over-powering heat (near 100 degrees).


Look what we came across on the drive down the mountain. Soooo cute


Did You Know? The hot spring water at Hot Springs National Park becomes heated at a depth of approximately one mile before beginning the journey back to the surface through a fault.

It was a wonderful first day in Hot Springs.

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